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Customers & Vendors Details Page

This page includes the essential details of a customer/vendor such as the name, email, phone number, address, contact persons, transaction synopsis and recent activities. It is the first page that you will see after you have created a customer or a vendor This page also provides actionable buttons and quick links for creating transactions, recording payments, sending emails and statements. 

Contact Overview page
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Contact Persons

A contact person or an alternate contact is someone who is associated with the primary contact and can be reached in case of business related queries.

To add a contact person for a customer or a vendor:

Contact Persons

Recent Activity

The recent activities for a customer or a vendor is displayed in a timeline fashion, showing the most recent activity first along with the name of the user responsible for the action.

These activities include contact created, contact update, invoice created, payment made and more.

Under each activity, you can click the View Details link to get into the details of that activity.

Contact Recent Activity


This section allows you and the users of your organization to add internal comments about a customer or a vendor. A comment can be viewed by all users in your organization.

Contact Comments


The list of all transactions created for a customer or a vendor can be viewed here.

Contact Transactions


You can generate the transaction statement of a customer or a vendor for the given period. Here, you’ll learn about:

To view the statement for a contact:

Customer Statement

The Account Summary for a customer contact shows the:

Balance Due = Opening Balance + (Invoiced Amount - Amount Paid)

Vendor Statement

The Account Summary for a vendor contact shows the:

Balance Due = Opening Balance + (Billed Amount - Amount Paid)

Insight: The balance due will be carried forward to the next period as the opening balance.

Email Statement

To email a statement:

Pro Tip: Check the Attach unpaid invoices list option to send all the unpaid invoices along with the email.

Contact Statement