Zoho Inventory

Payment Gateway Integration

Zoho Inventory is integrated with major online payment gateways to help you receive payments for your invoices online. This ensures faster and hassle-free receipt of payments and further automates your cash flow.


To integrate with payment gateways, you need the following requirements,

Why integrate with a payment gateway?


To integrate and pay using Stripe payment gateway:

Create new Stripe account

Stripe setup page - top

Note: When you setup this integration, the above information and an access token will be shared with Stripe.

Sign in to existing account

If you already have a stripe account, then click the Sign in option found on the top-right corner of the Stripe setup page.

You will now be able to provide Stripe as a payment option to your customers on their invoices.

Note: When you setup this integration, an access token will be shared with Stripe.


To setup PayPal as your preferred gateway for receiving payments:

screen shot of paypal setup page

screenshot of the paypal comparison chart


To configure Authorize.Net:

Screen shot of Authorize.Net setup page

Payflow Pro

To set up Payflow Pro:

Important Note:

When you register for Payflow Pro, you will receive an email with information like your Partner ID and Vendor name. Please keep that email at hand while filling the details for Payflow Pro.

Screen shot of Payflow Pro setup page

Payments Pro

To set up Payments Pro:

Screen shot of Paypal Payments Pro setup page


To configure 2CheckOut:

Screen shot of 2checkout setup page


To configure BrainTree:

Screen shot of Braintree setup page


To set up Forte:

Screen shot of Forte setup page

Important Note


To setup Worldpay payment gateway:

Screen shot of world pay set up page

Important Note:

Capture Delay Settings in your Worldpay Merchant Interface (in both Ecommerce merchant profile and Pay As Order merchant profile) needs to be turned off.


Stripe setup page - top

New account

Stripe setup page - bottom

Existing account

Sign in to your stripe account

Set up payment options from invoice

When you integrate a payment gateway with your Zoho inventory organization, it will be available as a payment option for your invoices.

Inorder facilitate the ease of adding a payment option to your invoices at any point of time, we have provided you with means to integrate a payment gateway right from an invoice.

To integrate a payment gateway/add a payment option to an invoice:

Integrating with payment gateways from invoices