Zoho Inventory

Package Geometry

Package Geometry is a tool that visually simulates the optimal arrangement of goods inside the boxes before packing them. The feature is powered by Zia: Zoho’s in-house AI.

Benefits of using Package Geometry:

Set Measurement Units

Goods support dimensions and weight. To compute package geometry for an order, you need to set the measurement units for your goods.

To set the measurement units:

Package Geometry - measurement units

Enter Item Dimensions

It is recommended that you enter the dimensions of all your items in advance. If not, you can skip this step and enter them at the time of computing package geometry.

To enter the dimensions for the existing items:

Package Geometry - enter item dimensions

Likewise, you can also enter the dimensions of the item at the time of creation.

Compute Package Geometry

To compute package geometry for the items in a sales order:

Package Geometry option in sales order

Here, you will provide box details such as the types of boxes you possess along with its dimensions and weight capacity.

Note: Each box type should be entered only once. The system generates as many boxes required from each given type to pack all the items compactly.

Package Geometry - compute button

The boxes and its contents will be projected in 3D.

Pro Tip: You can also hold and drag the 3D image in any direction to view its contents in different perspectives.

Package Geometry - add items to box

Package Geometry Summary

The summary section displays the details of the contents added in each box.

Package Geometry - package geometry summary Package Geometry - create package button Package Geometry - view package button