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More actions with Purchase Orders and Bills

Now that you have learned about creating and managing purchase orders and bills, let’s take a look at what else can be done:

Convert a PO to Bill

To convert a Purchase Order into a Bill:

screen shot of convert po to bill

Important Note: The purchase order should be in the Draft or Issued state to be converted into a bill.

Canceling Purchase Order

To cancel a purchase order:

Important note: Only an ‘Issued’ Purchase Order can be cancelled.

screen shot of cancelling a PO

Attaching Files with Purchase Order

You can attach any receipts, bills or attachments associated with the purchase order and send it to your customer. To attach a file for a purchase order:

screen shot of the attach file option

Additional Tools

You can Clone, Print, download as PDF and Mail your purchase order.

screenshot of the all options in a PO

All these options are provided on the top of the purchase order window.

Closing a Purchase Order

You can decide when you want your purchase order cycle to close by configuring it in the Purchase Order preferences under Settings.


View bill details within the purchase order

If you have associated bills with a purchase order, you can have a quick glance at its details from the purchase order itself. To do so:

View Invoice Details View Invoice Details