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Our powerful shipping integration feature can integrate your organization with a host of shipping service providers, enabling you to get shipping rates, ship your packed goods to your customer, track your shipments and manage your deliveries from Zoho Inventory.



For manual shipments, all you need is to be a Zoho Inventory user.

For Shipments using a carrier:

Creating Shipments

To create a shipment:

Method 1: For an existing package.

Creating a shipment using create button

Shipment methods pop up

Image of creating shipments from packages

Method 2: Without having a package beforehand.

Image of creating direct shipments from create button

New package pop up from direct shipments

Save and ship package

Ship Manually
1) Creating a manual shipment

When you choose Ship Manually as your mode of shipment, a New Shipment page opens up with all the fields as shown below.

Manual Shipping of packages

Image of the Package slip with shipped status

2) Creating a shipment for multiple packages

You can also include several packages in the same shipment. Here’s how:

Important Note:

  • Only those packages that are associated with the same sales order can be included in a shipment.
  • The following procedure is applicable only for manual shipping method.

Manual Shipping of multiple packages

Image of Packages drop-down

Image of the Selected packages

Image of the Package slip with shipped status

Ship via Carrier

When you choose Ship via Carrier as your mode of shipment, a New Shipment page opens up with all the fields as shown below.

Image of new shipment page using a shipment provider

Image of shipment details page

Package shipped via carrier

Ease of Access

The status and details of your shipments and packages can be accessed by clicking on the Packages tab on the sidebar.

Image of the packages tab in ZOM

Managing your shipments

Image of other actions highlighting all options in a shipped package

Marking a Delivery:
Export/Save package slips and shipment orders as PDF:

You can save a PDF copy of the package slip or the shipment order to your hard drive by clicking the PDF icon on the top of your package page.

image of shipment order as a PDF

Notifying your customers about shipments and delivery:

You can send email notifications to your customers when their packages have been shipped or delivered. To do so,

Shipment Notification Delivery Notification

Shipment Notification Mail Delivery Notification Mail

Printing package slips & shipment orders:

You can print you package slips and shipment orders by clicking on the Print icon on the top.

Delete a shipment:

You can delete a shipment by clicking on the More button and clicking on the delete shipment option.

Mark as Undelivered:

(applies only to delivered packages - handy for manual shipments when redirected)

In the case when an error has been made in recording a delivery especially during manual shipments, you can mark a delivered package as undelivered.

Downloading a Shipping Label

You can download the shipping label for a shipment made using an integrated carrier. To do so:

Shipment Templates

To add new shipment templates:

  1. Click the Gear icon(Settings) on the top-right corner and go to Templates.
  2. Go to the Shipment module.
  3. Click the + New button.
  4. Hover over your preferred template and click Use This.
  5. Provide a name for the template and make any necessary changes to the template properties.
  6. Preview the changes and click Save.

To change your shipment template:

  1. Go to the Packages module in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click on a package which has been shipped.

  3. Click the Shipment Order Number on top of the package details page.

  4. Click the Customize button at the top-right corner of the shipment PDF.

  5. Choose the action you want to perform on the template from the drop-down.

    Customize Shipment Template

Import Shipments

To import shipments into Zoho Inventory:

  1. Go to the Packages modules on the left sidebar.

  2. Click the Hamburger icon on the top-right corner.

  3. Choose Import Shipments option from the dropdown.

    Import Shipments
  4. Click Choose File and select the import file from your system. You can also download the sample file from this page as a reference to prepare your import file.

  5. Keep UTF-8 as your Character Encoding and select the File Delimiter.

  6. Choose whether you want to autogenerate your shipment numbers in Zoho Inventory.

  7. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

  8. For every Zoho Inventory field, select the appropriate field from the dropdown.

  9. Choose whether you want to use the same selection for your future imports.

    Map fields
  10. Click Next to preview the records that are ready to be imported.

  11. If you need to make changes, click Previous, otherwise, click Import.

Export Shipments

  1. Go to the Packages module from the left navigation pane.

  2. Click Hamburger icon(three horizontal lines) on the top.

  3. Select Export Shipments.

    Export Shipments
  4. Choose whether you want to export all shipments or shipments created within a specific period.

  5. Choose the format in which you want to save your export file.

  6. Enter a password to secure your file. (Optional)

  7. Click Export.

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