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Welcome to Zoho Inventory, an online cloud based application which helps you manage your organization’s inventory with ease. This page will guide you through the process of creating an account, setting up your organization and also get you acquainted with the app.

Browser Support

Zoho Inventory is a web based application. It supports and works best in the latest versions of the following browsers:

Create Account

There are two ways in which you can sign up for Zoho Inventory:

New Signup

If you’re new to Zoho Inventory, you’ll need to first sign up for our free 14-day trial period during which you can test out our product and use all the features included in the Professional plan of Zoho Inventory. You can upgrade to any of the paid plans during or after the trial period.

Insight: Before you sign up for any of Zoho’s products, make sure to read the terms of service and privacy policy carefully.

To sign up for Zoho Inventory:

Zoho Inventory web page

You will be navigated to set up the organization details page.

Pro Tip: You can also sign up for Zoho Inventory using your Google Plus, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Outlook account.

Zoho Inventory sign up page

Quick Setup

Set up your organization details

When you sign up for Zoho Inventory, you’ll be redirected to the organization details page where you’ll need to enter basic information about your business.

Pro Tip: If you integrate with Zoho Books, your customers will have access to the Customer Portal, an interaction platform through which they can view their orders and invoices and even make payment for them online.

Pro Tip: You can edit or add more information about your organization later by going to Settings > Organization Profile.

Quick setup step

Set up your data

After signing up for Zoho Inventory and setting up your organization details, you can set up all the data and start managing your business. To get started, follow the steps given below (we suggest you follow the steps in the given order to facilitate a better setup process).

Organization page

Pro Tip: You can invite your co-workers to join your organization as Users and collaborate with them. Learn more about the various access and clearance levels for users in Zoho Inventory.

Join Existing Zoho Account

If you are already using one of the Zoho Finance apps, like Zoho Books, then you can sign into Zoho Inventory with the same credentials.

A new organization (with the same name as the selected organization) is set up immediately in Zoho Inventory and all its data will be synced seamlessly with the existing organization.

join organization page for existing Zoho users
Navigating Zoho Inventory

The module home page is designed to make it easy for you to create transactions, filter them, navigate to module settings and perform other functions.

Navigating in a Module in Zoho Inventory

Mobile Apps

Want to access Zoho Inventory on your smartphone? We have the app for your iOS and Android devices. Know more about the Zoho Inventory mobile apps.