Zoho Inventory

Importing & Exporting purchase modules

Purchase Orders

Importing Purchase Order

Data import can be carried out for each entity in Zoho Inventory including Purchase Orders. To import purchase orders into Zoho Inventory:

screen shot of the import option

Note: From here you can download a sample file to check the proper format for upload and ensure your purchase order file matches that format, or directly proceed to upload that file.

Import purchase orders page

map fields screen shot

screen shot of import page

Exporting Purchase Orders

To export the purchase orders in your organization:

screen shot of menu icon drop down

Note: The file will be downloaded and stored in your default download folder.

screen shot of the export page

Importing Bills

To import a Bill, follow this route map:

Image of the menu icon drop down with import options highlighted

screen shot of import page of bills

screen shot of mapping fields page

screen shot of preview

Exporting Bills

To export bills, follow this route map:

screen shot of the Menu icon highlighting the export bills option

Screen shot of the export bills page