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Our powerful Integration feature allows you to seamlessly synchronize with an accounting platform.

Zoho Books

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Why integrate with Zoho Books?

The way it works

Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory have the same core. Simply put, it’s like looking at two different sections of a single ship, each designed to accomplish its specialised role for carrying the same cargo. Hence when you create an orgnization in one of these apps, you will be able to tap into it by simply joining that organization into the other app.

Zoho Inventory <-> Zoho Books Integration Flow Diagram:

integration flow

Setting up an integration with Zoho Books

You can synchronize Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory in three ways:

Creating your very first organization by joining an existing Zoho Books organization

If you have an organization in Zoho Books, before you set up your first organization, you will be directed to a page where you have an option to join your existing organization into Zoho Inventory. To do so:

image of method 1

Joining your existing orgnization at a later point

To do so:

image of method 2

image of method 2 step 2

Joining a Zoho Inventory organization with Zoho Books

This method is for those who do not have an existing organization inside Zoho Books.

Method 3

Creating new accounts for items & transactions in Zoho Inventory

creating new accounts from items

creating new accounts from purchase orders

creating new accounts from bills

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