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Zoho Inventory offers four plans: Basic, Standard, Professional and Elite, to which you can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

In this section, let’s take a look at how you can subscribe to Zoho Inventory, as well as how to switch plans.

To take a look at the latest pricing plans and offers, visit the Pricing page of Zoho Inventory.

Knowing your current plan

You can find out the current plan you are in, in a couple of ways.

Managing your subscription

Choosing a plan

To choose a plan, follow these steps,

Subscriptions page

Note : You can purchase add ons for additional online orders and shipments by clicking on the Buy Now button on the Manage Subscription page.

Changing your plan
  1. Go to Settings, then Subscriptions.
  2. Under Manage Subscriptions menu in the right, click on the Change Plan option.

    Change plan
  3. Click Upgrade/Downgrade below the plan which you want to change to. You can also find the Free Plan option at the bottom of the page.

  4. In the following pop-up, click on Make Payment to confirm your order.

  5. Verify the payment amount and click Confirm.

Your card will be charged automatically and your Zoho Inventory organization will be moved to the selected plan.

Note: If your purchase was made offline, contact zohorenewals@zohocorp.com to change your subscription.

Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps

Cancel your subscription

This opens a window where you have the option to cancel your subscription right away, or wait till the end of the current billing cycle for the cancellation to take effect.

Note: Cancelling your subscription does not mean deleting your account. Your existing data will be retained and you can view them anytime. However, you’ll not be able to perform any functions in your organization thereafter.

If you change your mind, you can upgrade to one of the plans and continue using your account.

Updating card and address details

To update your Credit Card details, follow these steps.

Card and address details

Payment History

Follow these steps to see every transaction you’ve made. This includes your plan upgrades, purchases and renewals.

Payment history