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Managing Purchase Orders

In this section, you can learn about the different methods of creating purchase orders and sending it to your vendors.

Creating a New Purchase Order

image of the PO creation icons

Primary Purchase Information

Image of the new PO page vendor details section

Vendor name drop down Purchase order number settings pop up
Item Information

Image of the new PO page items details section

screen shot of items drop down

Pro Tip: Instead of searching for the items from the list, you can select an item by scanning its barcode. When you scan the same barcode more than once, the quantity of the item gets incremented automatically.

Selecting multiple items

Discount Information

Note: Likewise, you can apply discounts on your bills.

discount option in purchase orders

Additional Information

Image of the new PO page bottom section

Creating a Purchase Order from Contacts

image of creating PO from contact transactions

Status of a Purchase Order

These indicate the stages of progress a purchase order goes through. Lets take a look at what each status indicates:

Editing a Purchase Order

To edit a purchase order:

Edit step 1

Note: Be sure to mail the edited purchase order to your vendor after making the changes or he might fulfil the older unchanged order.

Important Note:

Deleting a Purchase Order

To delete a purchase order:

Delete step 1

Note: You can only delete purchase orders that are in the Draft and Issued status without any bills and receives associated with it.

Cancelling items in a Purchase Order

After issuing a purchase order to your vendor, you might realize that you have ordered a wrong item or you have ordered some items excessively. In such cases, you can cancel selective items in the purchase order you have issued.

Prerequisite: Items in the purchase order must be partially billed or received.

Pro Tip: If there aren’t any bills or receives associated with the purchase order yet, you can invalidate the purchase order by clicking More and selecting Mark as Cancelled.

To cancel selective items in a purchase order:

Cancelling items in PO

Insight: The quantity to cancel for each item is calculated automatically. You will only be able to cancel from the remaining quantity that has not been billed or received.

Cancelling items in PO

Cancelling items in PO

Multi-warehouse operations related to Purchase Orders

If you’ve enabled multiple warehouse management for your organization, you’ll have additional steps and capabilities related to purchase orders. To know more, click here.