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Your business financials are affected by regulatory taxes and every organization has different taxes specific to country and channel to adhere to. You can add and manage your Taxes under the Settings module.

In this section, we are going to learn about the Taxes for the Global & Indian edition. The tax module is unique to each of our country specific editions and hence will have its differences.

If you’re using any other edition, please refer to the appropriate help document:

Adding New Taxes

To create or add a new Tax follow steps as below:

Image showing how to access taxes

Adding new tax screen shot
Additional Info:

What is a Compound Tax?

In some countries you might have to collect more than one tax from your customers. It is for you to pay to your local province and another to the federal authority. In certain cases, the provincial tax is applied on the total that includes the item or invoice amount as well as the federal tax amount. Such taxes are called as Compound Taxes.

Adding New Tax Groups

It is customary in some countries to club some taxes under a common head. In such cases you will have to create Tax Group which will fulfill this regulatory requirement.

To create a Tax Group:

Image showing how to access taxes

Edit tax button

Editing a tax

To edit an existing Tax follow steps as below:

Image showing how to access taxes

Screenshot for editing a tax

Deleting a tax

To delete an existing tax follow steps as below:

Image showing how to access taxes

Screen shot for Deleting a Tax

Applying tax on items

You have the ability to associate taxes to items during it’s creation or later by editing an item. These taxes will automatically be applied when you add the item to a transaction.

New Item page top

On associating a tax to an item group, this tax will be applied to all the items in the group.

New item group page

Learn more about creating items and item groups here.

Note: You can also change the tax associated to an item from within a transaction.