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Note: Zoho Inventory does not support sending international shipments using EasyPost.

EasyPost is a shipment aggregator that lets you integrate with a variety of shipping carriers. You can use it to buy postage labels, check tariffs, verify addresses, track shipments, and more. If you want to know how EasyPost handles your data, read their privacy policy.

Set Up the Integration

Note: The number of shipments you can create varies from plan to plan. Visit the pricing page to know the number of shipments you can create in your current plan.

Pro Tip: You can also connect your own EasyPost account with Zoho Inventory to automatically integrate with any shipping carriers that you’ve already configured in your EasyPost account.

To integrate with a carrier via EasyPost:

Prerequisite: You need to have an active account with any of the available shipping carriers to integrate with them.

Easypost main page

After you’ve integrated with your preferred carrier via EasyPost, you can use it to send shipments.

Integrate Your EasyPost Account

If you already have an account with EasyPost, you can integrate that with Zoho Inventory. If you don’t have an account with EasyPost, you can sign up for one. When you connect your own account, any carriers you’ve integrated with already will be automatically configured, so you don’t have to set it up again. Here’s how to get started:

All the shipping carriers that you’ve configured in EasyPost, will now be displayed in Zoho Inventory.

Note: If you want to integrate with another shipping carrier using EasyPost, you have to do so by logging in to EasyPost’s website and not directly from Zoho Inventory.

After adding it, click the refresh button next to My EasyPost Carriers in Zoho Inventory, and enter your Production API key to fetch the latest changes from EasyPost. {{/note}}

Refresh easypost carriers

Track EasyPost Shipments

Note: If you’ve connected your own EasyPost account, you have to set up a webhook in your EasyPost account and paste the URL shown near EasyPost in the integrations page. After this, Zoho Inventory will automatically receive shipment delivery statuses and update them in your transactions.

Warning: The webhook used to update shipment delivery statuses should only be set up for Zoho Inventory or Zoho Books, and not for both.

To view the status of an EasyPost shipment:

null EasyPost tracking page

Edit or Delete a Shipping Integration

Note: If you’ve connected you own EasyPost account, you have to log in to your EasyPost dashboard to add, edit or delete a shipping carrier.

To edit or delete a shipping integration:

Edit Easypost

To edit, enter the necessary details and click Save. To delete the integration, click Ok in the popup that appears after you click the Bin icon.

Any shipments that you’ve created already will still be processed and delivered. However, you won’t be able to view the updated status of your shipment in Zoho Inventory.

Disconnect Your EasyPost Account

If you’ve connected your own EasyPost account with Zoho Inventory and want to disconnect it, here’s how:

All the carriers that you have integrated with using EasyPost will still be there in your account. This action will simply disconnect your Zoho Inventory account from EasyPost.

If you want to integrate Zoho Inventory with EasyPost again, you can do so and all your integrated shipping carriers will be synced.