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Shipping Integration

In Zoho Inventory, you can integrate with some of the major shipment service providers from around the globe to provide fast delivery services to your customers. Doing so, will automate the order fulfillment process within Zoho Inventory and also makes tracking process simpler for you.

This document provides the steps to establish the integration between your Zoho Inventory organization with these shipping carriers.

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Before we integrate your Zoho Inventory account with shipping service providers, you need to fulfill a few prerequisites for successful and smooth operation ahead.

Setting up Integrations

Shipping Integration page

To integrate with a carrier to manage your shipping:

Lets take a tour of all the available shipping integrations:

List of shipping carriers

Other actions

You can edit or delete a shipping channel that you are integrated with, anytime you wish. It will be reflected on all your future operations. To find out how look below.

shipping channel icons - edit and delete

Editing a shipping channel integration

To edit a shipping channel integration, follow this route map:

Deleting a shipping channel integration

To delete a shipping channel integration, click on the trash bin icon below the shipping channel logo that you wish to delete.