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Shipping Integration

In Zoho Inventory, you can integrate with some of the major shipment service providers from around the globe to provide fast delivery services to your customers. Doing so, will automate the order fulfillment process within Zoho Inventory and also makes the shipment tracking process simpler for you.

This document provides the steps to integrate your Zoho Inventory organization with the available shipping carriers via Easypost, a third party shipping service provider.

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About Easypost

Note: Zoho Inventory does not support sending international shipments using EasyPost.

Easypost is a third party shipping service provider that integrates a variety of shipping carriers. You can buy postage labels, check rates, verify an address, track your shipments, and more with all of the major shipping companies. Before you integrate with any of the Easypost associated shipping carriers, please read their privacy policy thoroughly.


Before we integrate your Zoho Inventory account with shipping service providers, you need to fulfill a few prerequisites for successful and smooth operation ahead.

Set up the Shipping Integration

To integrate with a shipping carrier:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Shipping.

  2. Click on the Setup Now button under any shipping service provider.

    Shipping Integration page

  3. Provide the required information and integrate.

Edit or Delete a Shipping Integration

To edit or delete a shipping integration:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Shipping.

  2. Find the integrated shipping channel.

  3. Click the Edit/Trash Can button below the logo of the shipping channel to update or delete the integration.

    shipping channel - edit and delete
  4. Update the details of the integration.

  5. Click Save.

Track Easypost Shipments

To view the status of your Easypost shipment:

  1. Go to the Packages module in the left sidebar.

  2. Open an Easypost carrier shipment.

  3. Click the open in new window icon next to the Tracking URL field.

    Easypost Tracking URL
  4. The dedicated tracking URL will take you to the Easypost website where you can view the status of a particular shipment directly.

    Easypost Tracking Page

Generate packing slips in lightning speed for your consignments and ship them through your trusted carrier and simplify your packaging process.