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Integrate Zoho Inventory With ICICI Bank

Note: New integration with ICICI Bank is no longer supported. However, organisations that have already integrated with ICICI Bank can continue using it.

Zoho Inventory has partnered with ICICI Bank to let you make and receive payments directly from Zoho Inventory. The two major integrations are:

Make payments to your vendors

Zoho Inventory has partnered with ICICI Bank - one of the largest banking networks in India. Now, you can make payments to vendors directly from Zoho Inventory.    

Scenario: Peter is a retail business owner. He uses Zoho Inventory for inventory management and he maintains a corporate account in ICICI Bank for his business banking. Peter receives a bill from his supplier for his purchases and chooses to make the payment online. So, he integrates Zoho Inventory with his ICICI Bank account. Once the integration is set-up, he can make start making bill payments to his supplier directly from Zoho Inventory without logging into his ICICI CIB (Corporate Internet Banking) Portal.

Benefits of the Integration

Adding vendor’s bank account details

If you have already set up the ICICI Bank integration, you can add your vendor’s bank account details to start making payments. To do so:



Once you add your vendors' details, you will be able to make payments from within Zoho Inventory!

Making payments via Zoho Inventory

Note: Zoho Inventory does not collect any transaction fee while receiving payments. The transaction fee if any, is collected by ICICI Bank based on their norms.

Make quick payments to your vendors when a bill is received and settle dues on the go. To start making payments:



Fields Description
Balance Due The total amount due for payment.
Amount Enter the Amount you would like to pay. You can choose to make complete or partial payments towards the bill.
From Account Select the From Account from the list of bank accounts linked to Zoho Inventory from the dropdown.
You can also make it your primary account to make payments by checking the Make this primary option.
To Account Select the account to which you would like to make the payment. 
Transaction Type Select the Transaction Type from the available fund transfer options.The modes of fund transfer available are ICICI Fund Transfer / IMPS /RTGS and NEFT.


If you have enabled an approval workflow in your ICICI CIB portal,



Disable Integration

Note: If you wish to disable the integration you can contact support@zohoinventory.com

You can delete the integration from Zoho Inventory to stop making payments through ICICI Bank or when you want to configure a new account.

Warning: Disabling the integration in Zoho inventory will also disable it from other integrated Zoho Finance applications. Once disabled, you will not be able to track the status of any uncleared transactions.

To disable the integration:

ICICI Bank disable integration

Note: If you have any queries regarding the ICICI Bank integration, write to us at icici-support@zohofinance.com.