Zoho Inventory

Inventory Management

This page will allow you to access the help modules to learn how to efficiently stay on top of your stock flow using Zoho Inventory.

Your Organization

Learn how to configure your organization profile, manage users, set your preferences, add multiple currencies, record taxes and more.

Contacts - your customers & vendors

Learn how to create or import your vendors & customers and use advanced tools that aid contact management.

Items & Item Groups - your inventory

Creat & track items, group them together, or associate them to a composite item and start selling.

Integrating with other apps & services

Gain access to markets beyond borders by integrting to e-commerce channels, shipping carriers, payment gateways, accounting & CRM software.

Making a Purchase

Restock your inventory by placing purchase orders to your vendors.

Receiving your items

Document the receival of items from your vendors into your warehouse using purchase receives.

Choosing the best mode of stock tracking

Align with your business workflow by opting to track stock through physical modes or transactional modes.

Recording a sale

Selling is a delicate process. Create a sales order, get it confirmed and invoice your customers in two clicks.

Getting paid for a sale

Learn how to get paid and record payments for your invoices in Zoho inventory.

Packing & shipping your items

Are you fulfilling your orders yourself or do you use a shipping carrier? Learn how to do it inside Zoho Inventory.

Making a dropshipment

Are you a drop shipper? Learn how to mark a sales order for drop shipment and have your vendors deliver the goods to your clients without losing a deal.

Managing your reorders

Learn how you can streamline your restocking procedures.

Obtaining key takeaways

Learn how to generate reports and utilize your dashboard.