Zoho Inventory

FIFO Scheduler

First In, First Out (FIFO) Scheduler helps large organizations reduce the time taken to perform actions like creating, editing, or deleting a transaction in the following modules:

How It Works

Scenario: John owns a pharmaceutical company, ABC Ltd. Their company had the need to make changes to their old transactions at regular intervals. However, as the number of transactions created in the organization increased, the time taken to modify old transactions also increased. John then enabled FIFO Scheduler to avoid delays in modifying the old transactions and processed all the changes they made at fixed time intervals.

Once FIFO Scheduler is enabled in your organization, actions like creating, modifying, or deleting a transaction in any of the modules mentioned above becomes faster. We achieve this by delaying valuation on these transactions. This means that any new transaction that you create or modify will not affect the following reports until the scheduler runs:

Based on the number of transactions your organization handles, our team will recommend a time frequency in which you should run the scheduler for optimal performance. Once it runs, all the transactions that are yet to be valued will be valuated, and the reports generated after the scheduler runs will have up-to-date data.

Pro Tip: To run the scheduler immediately, click the Sync button in the Pending Inventory Valuations report.