Zoho Inventory

Bitly Invoice Link Extension

Note: This extension is available in the Premium and above plans of Zoho Inventory and the Enterprise plan of Zoho One.

In Zoho Inventory, you can generate a link for invoices and share it with your customers. However, this link is long, making sending it to your customers through SMS difficult as it exceeds the character limit. The Bitly Invoice Link extension reduces the length of the link by generating shortened URLs. You can use the shortened URLs to share these invoices with your customers via SMS.

Note: The number of short links you can generate depends on the Bitly plan you are subscribed to. To generate more links, visit Bitly’s pricing page and select a plan that meets your requirements.

Prerequisite: You need a Bitly account to install the Bitly Invoice Link extension. If you do not have one, you can create your Bitly account from Bitly’s sign up page.

To install the Bitly Invoice Link extension:

Click Install Confirm installation Click Next

The Bitly Invoice Link extension will be installed in your Zoho Inventory organization.

Generating a Shortened URL Using the Bitly Invoice Link Extension

Prerequisite: Shortened URLs can only be generated for invoices in the Approved, Sent, Partially Paid, Paid, or Overdue status.

To generate a shortened link using the Bitly Invoice Link extension:

Click Bitly Invoice Link

Note: The latest extension you installed will be displayed in the custom button. In this case, click the dropdown next to the custom button and select Bitly Invoice Link.

Click Generate Link Click Copy

Insight: You can regenerate the link and set a different expiry date by clicking Regenerate Link.

Warning: Once you uninstall this extension, you will no longer be able to generate new shortened URLs or view the previously generated shortened URLs.

Click View details Click Uninstall

The Bitly Invoice Link extension will be uninstalled from your Zoho Inventory organization. If you have copied the link of a shortened URL, you can still use it until its expiration date.