Zoho Inventory

Testing e-Invoicing on the Sandbox System

The e-Invoice Sandbox System is an API testing portal that lets you test and get familiar with the e-invoicing system before you start using the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for generating e-invoices.

Starting 28 July 2022, tax payers with turnover above 5 crores can use the e-invoice sandbox system to test e-invoicing before you generate e-invoices.

How the e-Invoice Sandbox System works in Zoho Inventory

The e-Invoice System has provided an option for taxpayers to register themselves using their GSTINs on the sandbox system. So, taxpayers can register themselves in one of the following categories:

Since Zoho is a registered GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), you can register yourself on the sandbox system in the ‘Through GSP’ category.

Before you register on the sandbox system, you will have to create a new organisation in Zoho Inventory to use it for testing and contact us to enable the sandbox option.

Create a new temporary organisation

You can easily create a new organisation in Zoho Inventory. To create:

Manage Organisations Page New Organisation Page

Now, a new organisation will be created and you can use it for free for the next 14 days, that is, the organisation’s trial period. If you want to use this organisation beyond 14 days for testing, you will have to extend the trial period by writing to support.india@zohoinventory.com. After you complete your testing, you can delete this temporary organisation.

Next, you can write to the Zoho Inventory support team to enable sandbox for this organisation.

Email support to enable sandbox

You can email the support team directly from within Zoho Inventory. Here’s how:

Send email to enable sandbox Contact Support Email

The Zoho Inventory support team will enable sandbox for this organisation and write back to you, after which you can register on the e-invoice sandbox system.

Register on the e-invoice sandbox system

Register on sandbox system e-Invoicing Sandbox Registration Form

Once the OTP has been validated, the form for creating a new account will be displayed.

Create Sandbox Account

Your e-invoice sandbox account will be created, and you can use these credentials to log in.

Next, you will have to configure GST and enable e-Invoicing in this organisation before you can create invoices, push them to the sandbox system, and generate Invoice Registration Numbers (IRN) for the invoices.