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Zoho Inventory brings to you, the feature ‘Packages’ with which you can create and assign package slip numbers to the items in your sales orders and keep track of your packages when they are shipped. Isn’t that great? Now let us see how this works.

Guide Layout:


Package Workflow Diagram

Package workflow

Creating packages

There are two ways in which you can create a package in Zoho Inventory.

Quick create a Package

Quick create packages

New package page

Note: Only confirmed sales orders will be shown in the drop-down. If the sales order is in draft, please convert it to confirmed and then try associating it to a package.

Create a package from a Sales Order:

Image showing the package creation options

New package creation page

Important note: You can create multiple packages for a single sales order.

The End Result…

A package is created and is ready to be shipped.

Image of the package slip

Ease of Access

By clicking on the option called Packages in the left menu bar, you can view the status and details of your packages without having to go to sales orders.

Status of packages

A package goes through 3 phases - packaging of items(creation), shipment and delivery. Hence we have 3 statuses for a package. They are:

Managing your packages

Using these tools you can,

They have been covered in detail in the shipments page.

Importing your packages

Prerequisite: Before importing, ensure that the sales order and items associated with the package already exists.

To import packages into your Zoho Inventory account:

Importing option of packages

Note: From here you can download a sample file to check the proper format for upload and ensure your package file matches that format, or directly proceed to upload that file.

Import packages page

Learn in detail the steps to import a file in Zoho Inventory.

Exporting your packages

Exporting packages and shipments