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Overview of amazon integration

Why amazon?

Things to remember

Integrating with amazon

Before we set up the integration between Amazon and Zoho Inventory, we have to do a few things as indicated by the steps below:

Preparing your amazon account:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Preparing your Zoho Inventory organization:

Amazon setup

Tuning the integration

On successfully integrating your amazon seller account with Zoho Inventory, you can now start tracking your inventory for every sale you make in amazon.

A page with all details associated with the integration opens up. Lets take a look at the individual options below.

Sync - auto & manual sync
Sync History


amazon workflow

Initial Sync
Sync cycle

Fulfilled order sync option in Amazon

Sales Orders
Order Sync

You can choose to sync only the Confirmed orders or both Confirmed and Fulfilled orders from your marketplace to Zoho Inventory. To do so:

Order sync preference drop-down

Stock Sync

When you create shipments for the orders from amazon, the shipping ​information you have in Zoho Inventory will be automatically updated to your amazon account.


The payment status of the inbound sales order from amazon would be displayed as a comment under the sales order. As amazon supports only paid orders, the payment status under the sales order would be indicated by a comment as Paid.

Disable integration

You can disable a integration at any point of time. To do so: