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Item Categories

As your business grows, you might have more items in your stock and managing them becomes more challenging. In Zoho Inventory, you can classify your items under several categories. This helps you to organize your stock and access them easily, resulting in better inventory management.

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Enable item categories

To get started with Item categories, you will have to enable the same from the settings.

Screen shot of Items in preferences

Create a category

To add a new item category:

Manage categories

Add new category

Save new category

Apply this category

Pro Tip: You can assign a category to an individual item, item group or a composite item.

Edit a category

To edit an existing category:

Manage category

Edit a category

Other operations

You can view items of a particular category by using the advanced search option or by creating a custom view of columns. This can be useful when you want to create transactions for a particular item category, like raising a sales order for all parker pens.

Learn how to perform advanced search or create a custom view.

Delete a category

Insight: You have to delete the subcategories first to delete the parent category.

To delete a category:

Manage category

Delete a category

Pro Tip: A category that has been associated with a product cannot be deleted. You can remove the category from the item, and then delete the same.

Sales by Category Report

To make informed decisions as to which category of items has brought in more revenue, you can head over to the Sales by Category report under the list of Sales Reports. With this report, you can get a glimpse of how each category is doing in terms of quantity sold and amount received.

Learn more about Sales by Category report here.