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Settings - An Overview

This is where you customize Zoho Inventory to suit your needs and tasks.

Access: Gear wheel icon **** option.

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Guide Layout:

Manage Organizations <–> Organization Profile <–>Users <–> Preferences <–> (Preferences)Custom Fields - Types & Limitations <–> Currencies <–> Taxes <–> Price Lists <–> Templates <–> Email Templates <–> Product Subscription

Manage Organizations

Organization Profile

Maintain the information related to your organization in Zoho Inventory by using the organization profile.


Bring in your team, add multiple users and collaborate with them in Zoho Inventory.


Have your organization tailor-made to your needs using preferences.

Custom Fields - Types & Limitations


Enter multiple currencies in Zoho Inventory to transact with global clients & vendors.


Currency Exchange rates


Record and manage taxes applicable for your business in Zoho Inventory. The tax module works differently for different country specific editions of Zoho Inventory.

Editions : Global edition tax <–> US edition sales tax <–> UK edition VAT <–> Canada edition GST, PST & HST <–> Australia GST

Global edition tax

This section also contains general operations common to all the editions.

Price Lists

Use price lists to tailor the prices of your items to suit customers, sales transactions and special cases.


Customize and give life to your transactions with templates. Be it your invoices or orders, let them leave behind a really good impression.

Email Templates

Create email templates to suit the tone of your messages to different situations and target audiences.


Learn how to manage your Subscription for Zoho Inventory.