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Transaction Approval

Transaction Approval allows you to verify and approve the transactions that your employees create in Zoho Inventory. So, only the transactions that are approved reflect in your accounts and reports.

Introducing an approval workflow helps to avoid situations where a wrong item or an incorrect quantity may be recorded while making a purchase. Let’s look at a scenario to understand this better.

Scenario: Jason is a business owner and has multiple employees working for him. A newly appointed staff in the purchase department accidentally sends out a purchase order with a wrong quantity. Jason figures this out and wonders how he could have prevented this in the first place. Immediately, he sets up an approval workflow to ensure that all purchase orders his employees send has their managers’ approval.

Let’s see how you can set up the approval workflow in your organization to prevent any possible mishap.

Enable Transaction Approval

The first step in setting up the approval workflow is to enable the feature in your organization. In Zoho Inventory, you can enable approval workflow for sales and purchase modules separately.

To enable the approval workflow for your transactions: 

Enabling Sales Approval

Enable Sales Approval button

Enabling Purchase Approval

Enable Purchase Approval button

Enabling Inventory Approval

Enable Inventory Approval button

Now, you can configure the preferences for your transactions.

Note: If you have an integrated Zoho Books account, then you will have to enable this feature through your Zoho Books organization.

Add Approvers

The users with Admin role have default access to approve transactions. However, they can extend this privilege to other users and add them as approvers. You can add users to your Zoho Inventory organization and enable approval permissions.

To enable approval permission for a user:

Step - 1 : Create a role



Step - 2 : Invite new users

Once you have enabled permissions, you can invite new users to the organization as approvers. To invite new users:

Pro Tip: You can also turn existing users into approvers. To do so, go to the Users tab > click the Gear icon next to the user > click Edit and then assign a role with approval permission.

Learn more about Users and Roles.

Approval Preferences

Once you have enabled approval, you can configure your approval preferences. This will help you to restrict and define the role you would like to offer your approvers.

Pro Tip: Click the Show Approvers option to view the list of all the users who have the permission to approve or reject the transactions. You can contact the Admin of your Zoho Inventory organization to get approval access.

Configure Approvers

Multilevel Approval

You can also set up a multi-level approval process for the transactions that should be verified two or more approvers before they’re finally approved and sent to the intended recipient. To set up an approval hierarchy for your organization:

Add multilevel approvers

Any transaction created henceforth must be verified and approved by approvers of all levels to proceed further. A transaction becomes invalid if any one approver rejects it.

Note: You can add up to 10 approvers. Users with approval permission for the bills and purchase orders/ invoices and sales orders modules will only be listed for multilevel approval.

Insight: In multi-level approval, the Level 1 approver will be notified first. If the transaction passes their approval, the next approver in line (Level 2) will receive an email and in-app notification to verify the transaction. Likewise, all the subsequent approvers who are a part of the multi-level approval process will be notified when it’s their turn.

Notification Preferences

Select the notification preferences for your approvers and submitters

Notification preferences
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