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Google Ads Integration

Note: This integration is applicable only for the US and IN edition organizations.

Integrate with Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center (GMC) is where you upload product details from your inventory to list them on Google Shopping and other eCommerce properties of Google. Based on relevance and keyword hits, your product will rank higher on the search results, thus, making it accessible to millions of online shoppers across the world.

Scenario: Mark runs a localized fashion boutique for which he uses Zoho Inventory to manage stock. On noticing a resurgent interest in his work, he decides to globalize his business. He creates an account on Google Merchant Center and uploads his product details from Zoho Inventory. Now his product details will surface on Google Shopping whenever online shoppers search with the closest keyword match. He can also create ad campaigns to secure a prominent spot on the Google web pages and attract potential buyers to his website.

Connect your GMC Account

To connect your Zoho Inventory organization with a GMC account:

Select GMC Account Create GMC Account

Shipping Settings

Add Shipping Zones

Here, you can add all the regions to which you ship, the method of shipping and its shipping rate.

Add Shipping Zones
Add Shipping Rates

Add the shipping rates available for the particular zone.

Add Shipping Rate Add Shipping Rate

Tax Settings

Edit Tax Rule

Field Mapping

GMC Field Mapping

Sync Products to GMC

To advertise more products from your inventory on Google Shopping, you must first push them to your Google Merchant Center.

To sync an item to GMC:

To sync multiple items at once:

Based on the relevance and keyword hits, your product will rank higher on the shopper’s search results.

Delete GMC Integration

To delete your GMC integration:

On deleting the integration with Google Merchant Center, you will no longer be able to:

Google Ad Campaigns

Create an ad campaign on Google Ads to run advertisements for the products on your online store across all Google platforms to attract potential buyers.

Note: To be able to launch ad campaigns, you must have the connection with GMC set up first.

To create a Google ad campaign:

Select Google Ads Account Set up Google Ads Account

Insight: The Google Ads account that you’ve selected or created will be linked to your GMC account. While creating ad campaigns, Google Ads will access the products synced to your GMC account.

Conversion Script Create Ad Campaign Campaign Dashboard