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Warehouses - Overview

In Zoho Inventory, you can add multiple warehouses which represents the physical storage buildings where you keep stock. While creating orders, you can choose the warehouse from/to which you want to dispatch (sales) or receive (purchase) stock. You can also issue transfer orders to perform inventory transfers between warehouses.

Enable multiwarehouse

To enable multi-warehouse management in Zoho Inventory:

Enable Multiwarehouse Feature

Add new warehouse

To add a new warehouse to your organization:

New warehouse

Change warehouse status

Designate a primary warehouse

When you enable multiwarehouse in Zoho Inventory, your first warehouse is created by default with the organization address and is set as the Primary Warehouse. Whenever a transaction is created for an item the stock of the primary warehouse gets affected.

To change the primary warehouse:

Mark as primary

Deactivate & reactivate warehouse

If a warehouse is temporarily not in use, you can change it’s status to Inactive.

Pro Tip: When you deactivate a warehouse, the warehouse stock will also be frozen and cannot be used in transactions. Before doing so, it is recommended that you transfer its stock to an active warehouse.

To deactivate a warehouse:

Mark as inactive

The warehouse will now be marked as Inactive and won’t be available for use in transactions.

Pro Tip: To deactivate the current primary warehouse, you must first designate another warehouse as primary warehouse and follow the steps mentioned above.

To reactivate a warehouse:

The warehouse will now be active and available for transactions.

Edit warehouse

To edit the details of an existing warehouse:

Edit warehouse

Delete warehouse

If a warehouse is no longer operational, you can delete it in Zoho Inventory. To delete a warehouse:

Delete warehouse

Note: You cannot delete a warehouse which has transactions associated with it. Instead, you can mark the warehouse as inactive.

Disable multiwarehouse

To disable multi-warehouse management in your organization:

Disable warehouse