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AfterShip Integration

AfterShip is an alternative to the manual method of tracking shipment deliveries. With rapidly growing businesses having tens and thousands of packages flying out everyday, it’s not feasible to follow up on the position of every single one of them.

Luckily, things have gotten a lot easier! Consider your job done the moment you send out the courier, as the new AfterShip integration with Zoho Inventory not only facilitates automated shipment tracking but also periodically intimates the status of the shipment till it reaches your customer’s door step.

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Why choose AfterShip?

You get more than one reason for why you should integrate with AfterShip.

The way it works

AfterShip workflow image

Upon creating a trackable shipment in Zoho Inventory, AfterShip transmits the tracking ID to the appropriate shipping carrier, from whom the status details of the particular shipment is fetched and updated on a regular basis within Zoho Inventory. It also simultaneously notifies your customers on the whereabouts of their shipment via email and SMS.

Establishing the integration

Activating AfterShip Integration

1) Instant Activation

Don’t have an AfterShip account? We’ve got you covered!

Click the Activate Now button to establish the integration in an instant. Requires no sign ups, account verification or other intricate procedures.

Benefit: The charges to avail this service will be included as part of the Zoho Inventory subscription plan.

Note: Zoho Inventory shares only the shipment tracking ID, carrier name and shipper account number (for selective carriers) with AfterShip. In this case, you will receive all the shipment related notifications via email through Zoho Inventory and not AfterShip. This will help safeguard the personally identifiable information of your clients.

2) Connect your AfterShip account

Already with AfterShip? Excellent. It just takes a couple more steps to get started.


Note: If you have your own AfterShip account integrated, the charges incurred for availing this service will be settled by you as a direct payment to AfterShip.

On tracking a shipment in Zoho Inventory, details such as your contact information, your customer’s contact information, the shipment details as well as your shipper account number (for selective carries) will be shared with AfterShip. In this case, you and your customers will receive all shipment related updates directly from AfterShip. Duly note that Zoho Inventory is not responsible for any information shared post integrating with AfterShip.

Tracking a manual shipment

Once the integration is successful, you can start keeping your deliveries in check.

Important Note: Please be informed that this integration is meant for tracking manual shipments only.

Option to enable tracking for a manual shipment

If you would like to enable tracking for the untracked shipments, 

Option to enable tracking for a manual shipment

Pop-up window to enter the tracking details

Viewing the Shipment Status

To view the real-time status of shipments,

Note: When the shipment is delivered, AfterShip automatically marks the status as Delivered in Zoho Inventory. If the status is not updated due to some unexpected reasons, you can manually mark it as Delivered.

Deactivating the integration

To deactivate this integration, 

Option to disable AfterShip integration