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Obtaining takeaways from contacts

Find out how you can obtain key insights about your customers and vendors.

Transactions log in contacts

Before striking a deal, be it a sales transaction or purchase transaction with a contact, it is always wise to do a little historic background check unless he/she is your arch nemesis(in this case, you are bound to be on your toes all the time and tread lightly).

You can easily fetch all the historic & current transactions associated with a contact using the Transactions section of a contact and narrow down into the details by using module filters and real time status filters.

Application Scenario

Lets take a case, lets say a customer called Aaron Clark places a new purchase order with you. You may or may not have done business with him in the past, but with so many customers piling up, it is often hard to remember each and every one of them and check out their genuineness.

Hence before you draft a sales order, let’s see how we checkout the status of the historic & current transactions with this customer. To do so:

Transactions log section

Using this, you will be able to do a historic data check before you proceed to do more with this contact.