Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues or Limitations

Exporting as PDF

There’s a 12 MB limit on PDFs in the following scenarios:
  • When the report is exported as PDF and the data’s size exceeds 12 MB, the operation will fail — a 0 MB sized file will be downloaded instead
  • When send mail task includes a report as a PDF attachment and the data’s size exceeds 12 MB, the email will contain a 0 MB sized PDF attachment instead

Mobile app

  • The option to Sign up isn't available in the Zoho Creator Portal iOS app and rebranded customer app for iOS.
  • In a subform, if you have a lookup field that has a filter set based on another field, that filter will not be applied when you edit a record from the mobile app. Instead, the lookup will display all the values (present in the looked-up field).

Reports Limitation

  • For displaying subform data in a report, you can use up to 20 fields as ‘display fields’
  • Displaying Multi-Select/Checkbox and SubForm fields in Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts is not supported. Even if it enabled in underlying report it will not be available in report builder for use.


For accounts created after the second quarter of 2016: Translation of names of buttons, days and months in a calendar report is not supported for the following languages: Armenian, Chinese, Filipino, Gujarati, Hebrew, Irish, Kannada, Kurdish, Latin, Lao, Maltese, Norwegian, Swahili, Telugu, Urdu, Yiddish. Instead, they will be displayed in English.

Editing records in bulk

  • When you edit multiple records in one go, only the Deluge script present in the OnUpdate block of the respective fields will be executed. Deluge script present in the OnEdit > OnValidate and OnEdit > OnSuccess blocks will not be executed.
  • When you edit multiple records in one go, lookup fields that have a filter set based on another field, won't be listed in the Bulk Edit Menu

Grouping / Sorting records in Report

  • Sorting based on a users field will not be applied when the distinct number of users (selected in the records displayed by that report) exceeds 500.
  • Grouping and sorting of records are not supported when they are based on a Multi select / Checkbox fields or a Multi select Lookup field or a SubForm field. If grouping/sorting using any of these fields is configured:
    • For accounts using the New UI: This grouping/sorting will not be applied when the report is accessed
    • For other accounts: This grouping/sorting may be inaccurately applied when the report is accessed

Searching a Report for records

  • For accounts created after the second quarter of 2016, searching a report using a multi-select field (a multi select / checkbox field, or a multi-select lookup field, or a SubForm field) that is present in a related form (related via a multi-select lookup or a SubForm field), is not applicable.
  • When the record count in a report is more than 10,000, the AND search for Multi Select / Checkbox fields (as mentioned in this section) will not be available when specifying the search criteria.
  • For Reports filtered using the AND search, the Save Changes option (as mentioned here) will not be available.
  • Filtered Reports containing more than one search value, will not have the Export as PDF option.

Limit on number of Dropdown, Radio and Checkbox fields in a Report

The number of look up, dropdown, radio and checkbox fields displayed in a report should not exceed 30. The data will not be displayed if you exceed this limit. Here is how the number of such fields is counted:

  • Each Look Up, Dropdown, Radio and Checkbox field in the base form is counted as 1.
  • Each normal related field in the related fom is counted as 1.
  • Each complex related field (look up, dropdown, radio and checkbox) in the related form is counted as 2.

Removing fields/columns from Report Definition

The Report definition allows you to remove maximum of 50 fields at a time.

Grid Report

A grid report will be displayed as a list report if:
  • Any Deluge script has been added to the On Edit > On Load workflow block of the form it is based on, or the On User Input workflow block of any field (in that form)
  • The form it is based on, contains a lookup field that has the 'Set Filter' configured

Spreadsheet Report

  • While accessing spreadsheet reports:
    • You can't edit rich text fields
    • You can't Add New Record to the related Form from the lookup field
  • A spreadsheet report will be displayed as a list report if:
    • Any Deluge script has been added to the On Edit > On Load workflow block of the form it is based on, or the On User Input workflow block of any field (in that form)
    • The form it is based on, contains a lookup field that has the 'Set Filter' configured
  • Open URL tasks in the On Edit > On Validate and On Edit > On Success workflow blocks won't be executed.

Limit on number of Fields in a Form

Maximum number of fields in a form depends on the type of fields used and the maximum length of the field. Below are the limitations related to field types.

  • Single Line, Email, Drop down, Radio, File upload, Phone fields: A Form can have a maximum of 80 such fields.
  • List Fields (Drop down, Checkbox, Radio and Multi Select): If a Form contains more than 30 list fields (Drop down, Checkbox, Radio or Multi Select), there will be a problem fetching the form. This will hinder when the form is accessed and lead to backup failure.
  • Multi Line / Rich Text field: The number of multi line fields that can be added in a form depends on the amount of data added per record. The maximum data size for a multi line field in a row is about 64kb and the maximum row length is about 8000 bytes. Here, the first 768 bytes of 64kb will be considered for calculating the row length (8000 bytes). Hence, if the length of all the multi line fields exceeds 768 bytes, that form can only have 11 multi line text fields.

In cases where your form exceeds these limits, we recommend you to split the form into smaller ones.

PDF Generation

Currently Zoho Creator supports PDF rendering only for List Reports and Pages. The PDF format of a list report does not support grouping and summation of numeric columns displayed in the report.

Page to PDF

  • Exporting Page as PDF does not support <div> based embedding of Forms/Reports and authenticated content like images/css that requires current credentials
  • Exporting Page as PDF is not supported when the Page contains Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, or iframes

Custom Actions

  • Changing the width of columns that display custom actions, is not supported
  • Custom actions are available only in the List and Spreadsheet reports
  • The openURL task will not be executed, if a user defined function (with the openUrl task) is invoked from a custom action that is placed in the View header and type is set as execute action for each record. Reason: A custom action placed in the view header can be invoked on all or specific records in a view. Hence, if a custom action that executes the openURL task is invoked on all or many number of records in a view, it will open that many browser windows. A user who invokes this custom action may sometimes not be aware of the actual reason for this behavior. Hence, openURL task is not supported when the custom action is placed in the view header.

Downloading application backup

Zoho Creator will not backup the files uploaded in the File upload field.

Creating Combined Views with Multi Select Lookup field

If you have a Multi select Lookup field in a Form, the corresponding report will not display related data for the selected field values.

Criteria Limitation

Criteria containing Multi Select field type is not supported.

Unavailability of Shared information in restored copy of the application

When you restore an application from the backed up copy, shared information will not be available. Only the structure of the application and its data will be available.

Deluge Script Limitation

Due to a limitation in Deluge Script, you cannot access DropDown/MultiSelect/CheckBoxes/RadioButtons/Lookup like (input/[COL]).lookup.(DropDown/MultiSelect/CheckBoxes/RadioButtons/Lookup).

Send Mail Task Limitation

'\n' in the message content of 'plain text mail' will be rendered as newline character.
Supports 10MB of attachment data

Email Notification

To avoid spam email messages, if the From address is not a zoho.adminuserid or zoho.loginuserid, the To address can only be zoho.adminuserid and the sendmail task cannot have any CC or BCC address.  To overcome this limitation, Zoho Creator allows you to add Verified Email Addresses, than can be used as the From or To email address. 

Multi-column layout

Multi-column layouts are not supported if check-box/radio-button fields are added dynamically through scripts.

Limitation with Date-Time handling in Creator

Due to the way we handle Date-Time values entered in a form, a limitation exists when dealing with Date-Time values that fall during the changeover period from PST to PDT and vice versa.

    1. It is not possible to capture Date-Time values that fall between 2 am - 3 am on the start date of Daylight saving period in the Pacific Timezone. This behavior exists irrespective of Application and Account timezone. The table below shows the start and end dates of Daylight saving period in the Pacific Timezone for each year. For eg, it will not be possible to enter the Date-Time values "13-Mar-2011 2:30:00", "11-Mar-2012 2:33:00", "10-Mar-2013 2:40:00" etc., irrespective of the timezone the user is in, since these Date-Time values fall in the changeover period.
    2. Any Date-Time value whose equivalent Pacific Time falls between 1 am - 2 am PDT on the end date of the Daylight Saving period will advance by 1 hour. For eg, the Date-Time "04-Nov-2012 08:30:00 Etc/UTC" will advance to "04-Nov-2012 09:30:00 Etc/UTC", since the equivalent PDT value of "04-Nov-2012 08:30:00 Etc/UTC" is "04-Nov-2012 01:30:00 PDT"
    3. This behavior is universal across Zoho Creator, and occurs when a form is submitted, when an Insert Record Task is executed, when data is imported or updated through API. This also occurs for Date-Time values handled in script.
YearDST Start DateDST End Date
2007March 11November 4
2008March 9November 2
2009March 8November 1
2010March 14November 7
2011March 13November 6
2012March 11November 4
2013March 10November 3
2014March 9November 2
2015March 8November 1
2016March 13November 6
2017March 12November 5
2018March 11November 4
2019March 10November 3
2020March 8November 1
2021March 14November 7
2022March 13November 6
2023March 12November 5
2024March 10November 3
2025March 9November 2

Limitation in searching for data in a subform

  • In a subform, you can search for data  only in the first field of the subform in the view column. The display order can be changed to search using a different field.
  • If the subform has a look up field with advanced display options or drop-down fields, search using that subform field is not supported.

Limitation in searching data in a lookup field

The lookup field supports search using autocomplete. However, the value you enter in a lookup field is searched in each of its display fields. Subsequently, searching a lookup field with a composite value - a value that is made of the values from the display fields and the field separator, is not supported. For example, the following image shows searching a lookup field named Select an employee with "ken". Two values, "Julissa Kent" and "Kenny Joyce" appear. But if you search this field with "Julissa Kent", no record will appear as "Julissa Kent" is neither a first name or a last name; it is a composite value.

Limitation with customer portal

  • Customer portals with custom domain name may not work in lower versions of IE (i.e) IE versions below 11.0
  • Password reset will not work as intended on a customer portal which is mapped to a custom domain URL, without a SSL certificate installed. Please write to to request SSL certificate installation for the custom domain URL of your customer portal and the team will assist accordingly.

Limitation in processing external entity in xml content

  • In Xpath builder, external entity in xml content cannot be processed.

A function calling itself (also known as recursive function) cannot be called more than 75 times.

  • A function calling itself (also known as recursive function) cannot be called more than 75 times. If the limit of 75 is crossed, it throws an error "Call Stack limit exceeded".

Roles in Pivot Chart.

  • "Roles" is not supported in Pivot Chart/Table.

Clickatell limitation.

  • Clickatell does not support "Sprint(iDEN)" network.

Search Limitation in Report containing 10,000 or more records and a Multi-Select field type.

  • If a report has more than 10,000 records and has a multi-select field, then the following options will not be available in 'Search by Criteria':
    • Is
    • Is Not
    • Is Empty
    • Is Not Empty

Hyphen(-) in Application Link Name must be replaced with underscore(_) when being used in Deluge scripts.

  • Hyphen(-) in Application Link Name must be replaced with underscore(_) when being used in deluge scripts.

Certain field types are not available for display in a lookup field.

  • Certain field types are not available for display in a lookup field. For example multi-line fields, drop downs, radio buttons or fields that are look-ups to another table.
  • The solution is to create a hidden text field in the related table to hold the value of the field you want to display in the lookup.

PDF download of an HTML page embedded with Report(s) may not contain any data.

  • If you have an HTML page embedded with Report(s) and the PDF option enabled, you can download the PDF of the HTML page, but the PDF might not display any data.

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