Set Email Notifications


Zoho Creator lets you configure email notifications to be sent when new form data is submitted or when existing form data is modified or deleted or by invoking custom action from reports. The email notification can be configured from the GUI or using Deluge Scripting.

Configure Email Notifications From GUI

Zoho Creator Form Builder provides option to configure email notifications to be sent when new form data is submitted by the user. The email notifications can be configured to be sent with or without form data.

Steps to configure email notifications from the GUI

  1. Select the form from the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the top and select the option Notification as shown in the screen-shot below .
  3. The Send Email Notification dialog will be displayed, where in you specify the From address and To address of the mail recipient. The Subject and Message fields are optional. You can also assign e-mail ids and form field values dynamically to the From/To and Message fields. To do this, mouse over the respective field and select the icon displayed on the right-side of the "From", "To" and "Message" text box. This will display the zoho variables and the form fields.
  4. Select the check-box Include User Submitted Data to send the form data in the email message.
  5. If Include User Submitted Data  is selected, the record templates created for the form will be displayed as a list below this option. You can select the required template and choose to send it as an inline content or as PDF attactments.  If you have not created any custom record templates, use the Default Template that displays the form data in a simple table format.

  6. Click Save to update the changes.
  7. To stop email notifications, uncheck the Enable Email Notification option.

Here is a short video showing you the steps to configure email notifications from GUI.


  • The email notifications configured from the Form GUI will be displayed as a script in the Workflow tab. When you make any changes to the Notifications tab from the Form Settings page, it will directly display in the script.
  • Enable Email Notification will be displayed only after email notification is configured.

Configuring Email Notifications from Deluge Script

The sendmail task in Deluge Script can be used to send emails from your Zoho Creator application. The sendmail task can be invoked on form actions or field actions or by invoking custom actions in reports. For example, you can write script to send mail when an existing record is updated in the database or when a field value is modified. Refer Send Mail task in Deluge Scripting, for more information.


  • Zoho Creator supports sending email notifications only from zoho.loginuserid and zoho.adminuserid. In cases where From: address is not zoho.adminuserid or zoho.loginuserid, the To: address can only be zoho.adminuserid and the sendmail task cannot have any CC: or BCC: address.