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Grouping and Sorting Data

Grouping Data

Zoho Creator supports grouping of data based on specific fields in a report. Records with the same value in the selected column(s) are grouped together and the value(s) appear as a heading above those records. For example, in an Expense Tracker application you can group expense records by the expense category, or in the Employee Application, you can group the employee records by the Department they work in.

Sorting Data

By default, a report in Zoho Creator displays records in the order in which they are added. (i.e.) latest records are listed on top. You can sort records based on specific column(s) in ascending or descending order to display meaningful reports. For example, in a Sales Report which list the sales made by different products on different dates, sorting by Sale Date will help you to analyze your date-wise sales figures easily.

Steps to Group and Sort Data

  1. Edit your application.
  2. Select the required report from Dashboard ->Reports tab
  3. Navigate to the Report Settings -> Grouping & Sorting tab.
  4. Drag-and-drop the required columns on which you need to group/sort the records, in the Grouping and Sorting boxes, as shown below.
  5. Optionally, you can check the Display Record Count checkbox. This will display the number of records in each grouping (when you access this report).
  6. To set the sorting order - ascending (A-to-Z) or descending (Z-to-A), click on the icon beside the column(s) you select for grouping/sorting.

  7. The below image shows an Employees Report in which the employee-records are grouped on the department they belong to, and sorted ascendingly on their date of joining. Also, the departments are sorted in the ascending order (Engineering, then Finance, and so on).

Apart from the grouping/sorting that you configure as mentioned above, you can group/sort the records while accessing your report. Refer grouping and sorting to know about it. Once you have grouped/sorted the records as required, you may apply/save the current grouping/sorting preferences to that report or create a new report with the changes made. Refer this page to know about it.


  • Sorting based on a users field will not be applied when the distinct number of users (selected in the records displayed by that report) exceeds 500.
  • Grouping and sorting of records are not supported when they are based on a Multi select / Checkbox fields or a Multi select Lookup field or a SubForm field. If grouping/sorting using any of these fields is configured:
    • For accounts using the New UI: This grouping/sorting will not be applied when the report is accessed
    • For other accounts: This grouping/sorting may be inaccurately applied when the report is accessed

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