Grouping and Sorting

Grouping Data

Zoho Creator supports grouping of data based on specific fields in a report. Records with same value for the selected column(s) will be grouped together and the value appears as a heading above all records containing that value. For example, in an Expense Tracker application, view expense reports grouped by expense category or in the Employee Application, view a report that displays the employee data grouped by department.

Sorting Data

By default, a ZC report displays the records in the order in which they are added. (i.e.) latest records are listed on top. You can sort records by a specific column/column(s) in ascending or descending order to display meaningful reports. The choice of column(s) to be sorted depends on your requirement. For example, in a Sales View which list the sales made by different products on different dates, sorting by Sale Date will help you to analyze your date-wise sales figures easily.

Steps to Group And Sort Data

  1. Select the Report from the Reports tab
  2. Select Report Settings -> Grouping & Sorting option.
  3. Drag and Drop the columns you wish to group/sort, to the respective boxes meant for grouping and sorting. The records will be grouped/sorted based on the configurations specified. 
  4. Select "Display Record Count" (optional) to display the count of grouped records. 
  5. Mouse over the icon to display the record in Ascending/Descending order.
  6. When you access the Application, the Report will display records grouped and sorted, as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also group/sort the record in the live mode. Mouse over the column header in the report and click on the dropdown menu against each field name for the list of options.  Select the option Group or Sort as per the requirement and also specify if the record must be in ascending or descending order.


  • You don't need to go back to the Dashboard page, to change your grouping and sorting preferences. Zoho Creator allows you to change your preferences directly from the report itself. Refer the topic View Records -> Group By any column, to learn more.