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What is New UI?

The New UI is a revamped version of Zoho Creator Applications' live mode(when you access the application). The look is completely revived, and gleams with various carefully-thought elements in place. The overhaul-work stretches from something as considerable as the availability of numerous colors and themes to something as minute as polishing the borders of the fields. Crucial changes have been covered below.

How to get access to New UI?

Access to the New UI can be achieved in two ways:

  • Existing users can request to enable the New UI for their accounts by sending an email to .
  • Accounts created after the second quarter of 2016 will have the New UI enabled by default.

Will shared users get New UI access upon the switch?

  • For accounts created after the second quarter of 2016, users will get to access the shared apps in the New UI by default.
  • For accounts that upgrade to the New UI on-request, users will get to access the shared apps in the New UI only when:
    • The direct link to the shared Application (with New UI) has been shared with the user.
    • The Application owner has enabled "Grant New UI access to users", as mentioned in the following section.

What is "Grant New UI access to users" and how to enable it for users?

This option enables users to access shared apps in the New UI, given the account (owning the app) is using New UI. However, this does not mean that these users will get to access all apps in the New UI. Only the shared apps (that belong to a New UI enabled account and shared with this permission) will open in the New UI. All other apps of these users will be rendered in the Old UI.

App owners can “Grant New UI access to users” by clicking on the specific option under User details, as shown below. The location of this option is theme specific.


  • Accounts created after the second quarter of 2016 will not have "Grant New UI access to users" option. Shared Applications of these accounts will render in New UI for shared users, by default.
  • App owners can revoke New UI access for users by clicking on "Revoke New UI access for Users" under User details. This option will show up only if New UI access had been granted earlier.

  • Users can switch to the Old UI by clicking on "Switch to Old version" option under User details.

What's changed?

Along with a comfy-for-the-eye design and a user-friendly interface, the New UI comes with a few changes. Following are the set of changes listed module-wise.

  • Application:
    • Old themes have been replaced with a new set of themes.
    • Change in URL conventions:
      • The Application's domain has been replaced from to for enhanced security of users. For example:

        New format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#Form:<form_link_name>
        Old format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#Form:<form_link_name>

      • The “page” keyword was earlier used in URL of Application sections. The “page” keyword is now being used for HTML Pages’ URLs. For example:

        New format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#<section_link_name>
        Old format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#Page:<section_link_name>

      • The “view” keyword, earlier used in URLs of Reports, has been replaced with “report”. For example:

        New format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#Report:<report_link_name>
        Old format --<admin_username>/<application_link_name>/#View:<report_link_name>

      • Only Embed URL and Record Summary URL is supported in iFrame embed.
  • Form:
    • All drop-down fields will have auto-complete enabled by default.
  • Report:
    • Record menu replaced with two icons on top right corner. Click on the two icons to explore different Record Actions.
    • Pagination removed for records in a Report. You can keep scrolling down the Report to view records.


  • The option to set a Logo for your Application has been removed.
  • Global Search has been removed.
  • Field label names’ styling using HTML tags is not supported.
  • Form sizing options have been removed. Form size is fixed by default.
  • Anticipating minor issues in HTML Pages due to HTML5 movement.

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