Reports is one of the core components of Zoho Creator. It enables viewing of data that is collected via Forms. When you create a Form, Zoho Creator automatically creates a List Report for it. The Report's name is auto-set with - <form_name> Report.

For example, assume that you have created a Form named "Employee". By default, Zoho Creator will create a Report named "Employee Report". This will display all the Fields that are present in your Employee Form.

  • Default creation of a Report happens only for Regular Forms.
  • Stateless Forms will not have its own Report, as data entered in a Stateless Form is not stored in Zoho Creator.
  • The relationship between Forms and Reports is one-to-many (1:M,) i.e., a Form can have many Reports, but a Report will be based on only one Form.

To see the Reports that are based on a particular Form, navigate to your app's Dashboard. Under the required Form, click on the Reports​ drop-down. (refer the below given screenshot)

Types of Reports and how to create them

Zoho Creator provides the below given types of Reports. To see how to create them, click on the required type of Report.

  • List : A List Report is similar to a table view, with rows and columns of data.
  • Calendar : Displays data in calendar format, based on a Date Field in your Form.
  • Summary : Displays data the summary of each record.
  • Grid : Presents a tabular view of data, where each column represents a Field and each row represents a record.
  • Spreadsheet : This allows you to view data, cellularly arranged, in rows and columns.
  • Pivot Table : A powerful view with data summarized in a grid, both in horizontal and vertical columns (also known as Matrix Views or Cross Tabs).
  • Pivot Charts : Provides a graphical representation of the data.

Manage Reports

The Reports tab in your Zoho Creator app helps you manage all the Reports created in that app. You can view and edit existing Reports, delete the ones that are obsolete, rename them, etc. For each Report, you will see -

  • Based On - This indicates the Form on which the Report is based.
  • Duplicate - This will create an exact copy of your existing Report. This feature will be useful when you want to create a new Report, similar to the existing one, but with minor changes to configurations.
  • Share - This enabes you to share a Report with the email addresses you specify.
  • Publish - On clickling this, you will be navigated to the Publish tab in the Report Settings (refer the previous screenshot), where you can Publish the Report - make it accessible to the public. 
  • Access - clicking this will let you access or view the respective Report.
  • Delete - clicking this will delete the respective Report.

Report Settings

Below screenshot shows the Report Settings page that is applicable for List, Summary, Grid and Calendar Reports. To see the same, open your app's Dashboard, and click on the required Report.

Here, you can view and edit the Display name, Display type, Criteria, etc. of your Report. You can set Record Summary, Publish the Report, etc. Refer Report Settings to know more.

Embed Report in Website/Blog, or Publish it

You can publish any component (Form, Report or Page) in your Zoho Creator Application, or embed it in your website/blog. Refer this topic to know how to publish or embed a Report.

Export a Report

You can export data displayed by Reports using the Export feature of Zoho Creator. Refer this topic to know more.

Enable/disable shared users to export data

To enable or disable shared users to export data from a Report,

  1. Open your Report's Settings -> Restrict Visibility tab (as shown below).
  2. Check the Export Record box and click Save.

To use more advanced reporting features available with Zoho Reports, refer the link Reporting on Zoho Creator applications using Zoho Reports.


As mentioned here, Zoho Creator does not support Multi-select / Checkbox Fields in Report Criteria.