Connections enable you to integrate your apps with other cloud-based services such as Quickbooks, Salesforce, Twilio etc. Once you connect your Zoho Creator account to a service, you'll be able to use them in all your apps.

Adding a connection to your account

  1. Go to your Creator account's Home page.
  2. Click the Setup button displayed near the top-right corner. You will be taken to your Account Setup page.
  3. Click Connections under Extensions.
  4. Click the Add Connection button displayed near the top-right corner.
  5. Select the required service, then complete the connection process.
  6. Upon successfully connecting, the service will get listed in the Connections page:

Using connections

Once you add a connection for a cloud service, you'll be able to integrate your Zoho Creator apps with that service. You'll then be able to perform actions that are permitted by the connection. For example:

  • A connection with your Salesforce account will enable you to refer to, add, update, delete records in the Salesforce modules.
  • A connection with an SMS service like Twilio will enable you to send SMS to your users.
  • A Zoho OAuth connection will enable you to perform the operations that are enabled by the scopes selected in it.

The connection's name, as given in brackets, will be needed when you're integrating with cloud services via Deluge script. For example, you'll need to use Zylker_Sf to integrate via the Zylker Salesforce connection (as shown above).

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