Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights in minutes.

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User Guide

Getting Started 

The below topics will help you quickly get started with Zoho Analytics.

What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a logical grouping of data sets (stored in entities called Tables) and all the reports & dashboards created over them.

What is a Table?

Zoho Analytics stores all your tabular data/datasets in entities called Tables. A table contains a set of columns and data rows (similar to a spreadsheet). Each column has a name and a type (data type) associated with it and the reports will be plotted based on these columns.

Importing Data into Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics allows you to import data from a wide range of data sources such as local files, Web URLs, Google Drive, Local/Cloud databases, popular business applications and from your custom applications for in-depth reporting and analysis.

Business Apps Analytics

Zoho Analytics enables you to analyze data from a wide variety of data sources through the easy to use data connectors.

Sales Analytics

Finance Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Project Management Analytics

IT & Help Desk Analytics

HR & Recruitment Analytics

Social Media Analytics


Data Modelling and Preparation

Zoho Analytics provides powerful options to model and prepare your data. This enables you to structure, transform & clean your data set for effective and easy analysis & reporting.

Data Modelling

Data Preparation

Creating Reports

Zoho Analytics offers a wide variety of reporting options such as Charts, Pivot tables, Summary views and Tabular views. The intuitive drag and drop interface of Zoho Analytics allows you to create reports with ease.

Creating Dashboards

A Dashboard is an effective way of organizing reports into a single page to have a quick insight into the Key Metrics at a glance. Zoho Analytics provides a simple & intuitive drag and drop interface for creating dashboards in minutes.

Analyze Data

Zoho Analytics enables you to predict future values or identify the past & future trends in your data with a simple process, without worrying about the underlying complexity. You can also derive complicated calculations in just a few steps to create powerful reports. 

Ask Zia

Zia, Zoho's smart and Intelligent Assistant based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, is now part of Zoho Analytics. Ask Zia provides the capability to ask questions in natural language and get powerful insights quickly.

Sharing and Publishing Options

Zoho Analytics provides sharing and publishing options that allow you to easily create and analyze reports with your friends and colleagues.

Sharing and Collaboration

Publishing Options

Exporting and Emailing

Exporting as Template

Data StoryTelling

With Zoho Analytics Data storytelling capabilities you can craft stories with immersive presentations, or setup purpose-built analytical portals for sharing insights. Zia Insights is another storytelling capability that provides automated insights through textual narration of key insights from reports and dashboards. 

Mobile Apps

Reduce your time to insights with our two exclusive Business Intelligence (BI) apps for your mobile workforce - Zoho Analytics mobile app and Zoho Analytics - Dashboards app.

Zoho Analytics Mobile App

Zoho Analytics - Dashboards App

Embedded Analytics and White Label SolutionsZoho Analytics offers embedded analytics and white label solutions for independent software vendors, solution developers, consultants etc to quickly implement a ready-made BI and analytics solution into their product/service offering.
Zoho Analytics API Zoho Analytics offers a set of powerful HTTP based Web APIs. Provides methods for data integration (add, modify, delete and fetch data), metadata handling (fetch details about your data and reports), sharing and dynamic reports embedding.
SolutionsBrowse through our catalogue of very handy how to solutions to solve the common use cases that you might encounter while reporting or analyzing your data.

Admin Guide

Admin GuideZoho Analytics Administrators can customize the account setup and manage their organization. Learn the administrative privileges to collaboratively use the service in a secured manner. 

API Guide

API GuideThe Zoho Analytics API allows you to perform most of the operations that you do with our web client. This guide helps the developers build and manage powerful reporting and analytical capabilities for their business application needs.