Workspaces are where you create and manage all your views for reporting and analysis. This allows you to logically group your data sets (stored in entities called Tables) and create insightful reports and Dashboard over your data. Further, it provides various methods to collaborate with other users. The Workspace also contains structural information on how the entities are related to each other. 

Only the Account Administrator can create or delete Workspaces. They have the privileges to perform all possible operations such as creating Workspace, creating reports and dashboards, managing users, sharing reports etc. 

They can add multiple Workspace Administrator to their Workspace with all the privileges except creating, deleting and backup Workspace. 

You can have one or more Workspace in your account which can be either owned by you or shared to you by other users and access all the Workspaces from the home page as shown below. 

In this chapter we will discuss the following: