Sharing and Publishing Options

Zoho Analytics provides sharing and publishing options that allows you to easily create and analyze reports with your friends and colleagues. 

Sharing and Collaboration

Zoho Analytics offers a very easy and effective way to collaborate reports with your colleagues and friends. Any user with whom you share your data, reports and dashboards, can access them online from any where any time. You can also create groups for easy sharing and collaboration.

Sharing Views to a User | Sharing Views to a Group | Accessing Shared Views | Making Views/Database Public | Multiple Workspace Administrators

Publishing Options

Zoho Analytics offers a wide range of publishing options to enable easy distribution and collaboration. You can publish the reports and dashboards that you create in Zoho Analytics as live embedded reports in your websites/web pages or share them as easy to access URLs. 

Embedding Reports and Dashboards in Web Pages, Applications & Blogs | Creating accessible URL/Permalink for Reports & Dashboards | Creating Slide Show