Getting Started

Getting Started with Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management software that helps you run your business with ease. It stands as a comprehensive solution to your day-to-day problems in project management and adds value to your business by leaps and bounds.

Find out how Zoho Projects can help your teams get work done faster

What does Zoho Projects offer ?

We help you plan, track, collaborate, and achieve your business targets with ease. Get started the easy way with a few initial configurations and customizations. We also offer a free plan with 5 users and 1 project with limited features. Learn more about our various subscription plans.

Here are some of the core feature of Zoho Projects.

PlanningMilestones, Tasklists, Tasks, and Subtasks help you plan work with ease.
CollaborationFeeds, Activity stream, Wiki, Forum, and Chat help you to be on the same page with your peers.
TrackingReports and Charts help you track work within and across projects easily.
ProductivityTimesheets, Resource utilization chart, and Global Timers help you measure productivity effectively.
Knowledge ManagementDocuments and Forums help you manage files, discuss within and across teams in your portal with ease.
Effective BillingInvoices and Expenses help you bill projects by hours and staff and manage project billing meticulously.
Issue managementThe Bugs module helps you submit, track, and close bugs in your project.
IntegrationIntegrate Zoho Projects with Crashlytics, Dropbox, Slack and many other applications and access data with more fluidity.

Sign up for Zoho Projects and create your own Portal 

To create a new portal..

  1. Navigate to Zoho Projects Sign Up Page.
  2. Enter your Company Name. This will be also be your portal name. Your portal name is unique. If a portal with this name already exists, you will be prompted to enter another name.
  3. Enter your credentials, choose your region, and sign up to create your Zoho Projects portal.

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