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Working with Opportunities

In any sales organization, opportunities (i.e. potentials in Zoho CRM) are the most important records to generate the real revenue for the organization. In a typical B2B organization all potentials have to undergo a complete sales cycle, which starts with identifying the hot prospect and ends with prospects being won or lost. The activities within this sales cycle that has to be completed are; sending product information to potentials, product demonstrations, sending sales quotations and business negotiations. Precisely, potential provides the following information for the sales management:

  • Sales cycle
  • The potential sales volume (Product units and price)
  • The sales status and the estimated sales probability in each sales stage
  • Reasons for the sales status (Won/Lost)
  • Competitors of the potential
  • Forecast for the next quarter/year sales


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Potentials Tab that includes View, Create, Edit and Delete permissions.

Potentials Home Page

Click the Potentials tab to view the Potentials Home page and perform the following operations:

  • The records are displayed in List Views. Define your own Custom Views as per your requirements. Some system defined list views are already available, such as My Potentials, New This Week, Closing This Month, Unread Potentials etc.
  • Mass delete the records by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Delete button.
  • Use the Potential Tools option to perform some common operations to manage potentials. For example: mass transfer, mass delete, export potentials etc.
  • Search records by alphabet, by information, or by criteria.
  • Print the potentials along with the necessary details.