Working with Deals

In any sales organization, opportunities (i.e. deals in Zoho CRM) are the most important records to generate the real revenue for the organization. In a typical B2B organization all deals have to undergo a complete sales cycle, which starts with identifying the hot prospect and ends with prospects being won or lost. The activities within this sales cycle that has to be completed are; sending product information to deals, product demonstrations, sending sales quotations and business negotiations. Precisely, a deal provides the following information for the sales management:

  • Sales cycle
  • The deal sales volume (Product units and price)
  • The sales status and the estimated sales probability in each sales stage
  • Reasons for the sales status (Won/Lost)
  • Competitors of the potential
  • Forecast for the next quarter/year sales

 Potentials renamed as Deals

From June 2016 onwards the Potentials module which provides information related to opportunities will be renamed as Deals. Users signing up for Zoho CRM after June 2016, will see the Deals module in their CRM account and not Potentials. Users who have already signed up for Zoho CRM before June 2016 can either rename their Potential module as Deals or continue to call it Potentials in their Zoho CRM account. Contact for any questions related to the Deals module.


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Deals Tab that includes View, Create, Edit, Share and Delete permissions.


Deals Home Page

Click the Deals tab to view the Deals Home page and perform the following operations:

  • The records are displayed in List Views. Define your own Custom Views  as per your requirements. Some system defined list views are already available, such as My Deals, New This Week, Closing This Month, Unread Deals etc.
  • Mass delete the records by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Delete button.
  • Use the More icon to perform some common operations  to manage deals. For example: mass transfer, mass delete, export deals etc.
  • Search records by alphabet , by information , or by criteria .
  • Filter deals based on sales priorities using the advanced filters .
  • Print the deals along with the necessary details.

Email Association With Deals

There can be instances when a contact that you handle has multiple deals associated to it. In that case, to follow-up or close a deal you would prefer to see the emails distinctly marked to a deal, rather than having it listed with emails from all the other deals. Zoho CRM let's you associate emails to individual deals by: 

  1. Automatically linking emails to deals based on a predefined prediction pattern 
  2. Manually linking emails to deal.

You can also perform the following actions from within the Deals and the Contacts Module: 

  • View emails in the Deals module either as "emails associated to a particular deal" or "emails associated to the contact".
  • Replace or change the linked deal of an email.
  • Unlink the deal from the email.


Permission Required: Users with Administrator profile and those who have configured IMAP integration can access this feature.

Email Association with Deals---

Email Views From the Deals Module

The email communication for a deal is listed in the Email Related lists of the deal and the associated contact. In the Deals module, there are two options to view the associated emails:

  • Emails associated with this deal - This is a default option that will display only those emails that are related to the particular deal.
  • Emails associated with this contact - This option will display all the emails that are related to the associated contact.

To select an email view

  1. Go to the Deals module and select a record.
  2. Go to the EmailsRelated List, and choose one of the following from the drop down list:
  • Emails associated to this particular deal.
  • Emails associated with this contact.


Viewing emails is available only for the following group of users:

  • Email sent from CRM.
  • All IMAP shared users.
  • IMAP shared users.

Auto-link Emails by Deal Prediction Mechanism

Zoho CRM skims through the emails and automatically links them to the deals using the Deal Prediction Method. Below are few points that explain the prediction mechanism in different scenarios:

When you receive an email,

  • If the contact has only one open deal in Zoho CRM, then the email will be linked to that deal.
  • If the contact has more than one open deal the email will be linked to the last modified deal.
  • If the contact had a Closed-Lost Deal the email will not be linked to the deal and will be retained under the contact's emails relates list.
  • If the contact has a Closed-Won deal, the email will be linked to that deal. 


In case the users have recently configured IMAP integration, the previous emails can be linked to the deal only if the contact had a single deal associated to it at the time of receipt of the email. Secondly, if the contact had more than one open deal the email will not be linked and will be listed under the contact's Email related list and the user can manually link it to the deal. In the deals module these emails will be displayed under "Emails associated with the Contact".

Link, Unlink or Change Deal Manually

Zoho CRM's deal prediction mechanism automatically links the emails to the respective deals. However, if required you can choose to replace the deal that the email is already linked to. Also, you can manually link or unlink an email to a deal when required. 

Note that once an email is linked to a deal, the association will be retained unless the email is unlinked or the deal is deleted from the CRM account.

To link a deal to an email

  1. Go to the Deals module and select a record.
  2. Go to the EmailsRelated List, select Emails associated with this contact from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Link icon beside the email.
  4. In the pop up, choose the deal you want to link the email to.
    Only the deals associated to the contact will be displayed.

To unlink or change the deal in an email

  1. Go to the Deals module and select a record.
  2. Go to the EmailsRelated List, select Emails associated with this contact from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the More icon in the email and choose the following:
    • Unlink Deal - Click this to remove the link.
    • Change deal - Choose a new deal to change the currently linked deal.


  • You can also link, unlink and change deal from within the email.
  1. Select an email.
  2. Click the down arrow, and choose either link or unlink.
  • Once an email is linked to a deal, within the deals and the contacts module these emails will display the "linked" icon. By clicking on the icon you can choose to change or unlink the deal.

Deactivate IMAP Integration

You can choose to deactivate the IMAP integration if required. However, the emails that are linked to the deals either manually or based on prediction will be unlinked and a fresh prediction will happen on IMAP reconfiguration.

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