Managing Accounts

In a typical Business to Business (B2B) scenario, Account represents a Company or a Department within the company, with which your organization is currently doing business with or is planning to do business with in the future. An account stores the company address, number of employees, annual revenue, and other details.

You can associate an account with contacts (persons) within the company and the potentials (business opportunities) during pre-sales. After successful completion of the sale, you can also provide Customer Support & Service through Zoho CRM - Case Management.


Permission Required: Access to the Accounts Tab that includes View, Create, Edit, Share and Delete permissions.


Accounts Home Page

Click the Accounts tab to view the Accounts Home page and perform the following operations:

  • The records are displayed in List Views. Define your own Custom Views  as per your requirements. Some system defined list views are already available, such as My Accounts, New This Week, New Last Week, Unread Accounts, Recently Viewed Accounts, etc.
  • Mass delete the records by selecting the check boxes corresponding to the records and clicking on the Delete button.
  • Use the More option to perform some common operations  to manage accounts. For example: mass transfer, mass delete, export accounts etc.
  • Search records by alphabet , by information , or by criteria .
  • Filter accounts based on sales priorities using advanced filters. 
  • Print the accounts along with the necessary details.

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