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Edit Permission to Shared Users

Configure User as a Developer

For a shared user to be able to edit your application, the user must be added as a developer under your account and the application must be shared to them. Once the application is shared to a developer, you can provide edit permission access to the developer.

To configure the user as a developer,

  1. Go to Edit mode of the Application.
  2. Choose Application Settings ->Share tab.
  3. Click on the Manage Users button on the top right corner of the page.
  4. The Account Setup page opens, containing the list of added Users.
  5. Click on the Change button available next to the Role of the User to change the role from User to developer.

Alternatively, the Developer can be added directly to your account by clicking on Add Developer option in the Application settings -> General tab.


  • For newly created Zoho Creator Accounts, a Developer can be added by going to Application settings > General  > Change Developer.

Edit Permission Access

Once the User is configured as a developer, you can provide edit permission as given below:

  1. Go to Edit mode of the application.
  2. In the Application Settings -> General tab, select the “Choose Developer” drop-down list.
  3. The
 drop down list displays all the developers in your account.
  4. You can
 choose the person you’d like to provide Edit permission access to the 
application and click on  “Done” to save the changes.


  • Edit permission for each application has to be given individually.

Once “Edit permission” is given, and the Developer logs on to his/her
 home page, he/she will see a drop down box next to “Choose Workspace” under Workspace Apps. The dropdown displays the user workspaces to which he/she has been added as
 a Developer. When the developer chooses one of the workspace, all applications to 
which he/she has been given edit permission, under the workspace will be

Invoke Application Settings

You can invoke the Application Settings dialog in any one of the following ways.

  • From your Home page, click on “Settings” link displayed below the application name.
  • From within your application, select the Settings tab from the left pane.

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