Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Sync

Zoho Calendar Synchronziation through Outlook Plug-in

Manage events that are added to the Outlook Calendar on Zoho Calendar and vice-versa using the two-way sync feature. By downloading and installing the Outlook plugin from the Zoho Calendar, all calendar details and contacts will be synchronized two-way between your Outlook and Zoho Calendar. This solves the hassle of shuttling between various calendars by making data accessible on both the platforms at the same time.

Download and Install the Outlook Plug-in:

In order to enable the sync between your Outlook Calendar and Zoho Calendar, the Outlook Plug-in is required.

To download the Outlook Plug-in:

1. Login to Zoho Mail and navigate to Calendar.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Synchronize > Microsoft Outlook.

3. The Zoho Mail Suite Plug-in for Calendar Sync is available for both 64-bitand 32-bit systems.

4. Click on Download.

5. You can also download the Microsoft Outlook Plug-in here:

Zoho Mail Suite Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 64-bit

Zoho Mail Suite Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 32-bit

Installation of the Outlook Plug-in:

1. Run the Outlook Plugin setup file, downloaded, to run the setup.


Use Application-specific Password if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled for your account.

2. Click Next to begin the installation.

first step in installation

3. Click Yes, to agree to the License Agreement.

license agreement

4. Choose the destination location using the Browse option and clickNext.

Browse location

5. The Installation wizard is complete when you click on Finish.

finish the installation

6. The next Installation window for outlook sync appears. Proceed by clickingNext.

installation window

7. The plug-in starts checking for compatibility with your Microsoft Outlook version.

compatibility check

8. Click on Finishnbsp;to complete the process.

finish installation

Using Outlook Plug-in for Sync:

After installation, when you run the plugin, provide your Zoho account credentials, in the pop-up that appears. 

1. Sign-in to your Zoho account using your e-mail IDand password.

login to the account

login to the account

login to the account

2. A dialog box appears where you can choose to sync your Calendar and Contacts.


3. You can choose to sync both calendar and contacts or even one of them. You can select the Sync settings individually for Contacts/ Calendar, from the Settings dialog. 

sync settings

4. Click 'Configure group' to sync your group calendars with Outlook and select the groups for which the calendars should be synced. 

Choose group 

5. The Update tab shows the current version of the plugin and gets auto-updated when there is a new version available.

plug in version

6. Click on the Sync button in the Synchronize section or use the Sync all button to sync both Calendar and Contacts.


7. This will sync your Calendars and the events in the respective Zoho calendars and Outlook. 


  • Zoho Calendar Outlook Plug-in is currently available only for Windows systems and is not compatible with Mac OS based devices.
  • Attendee information will not be synced between applications.
  • The Outlook Plug-in sync is a one-one sync. Once you choose a profile in Outlook, you will be allowed to sync your Zoho Calendar only with the particular Outlook profile's Calendar.

Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Sync:

Unable to initiate sync using Microsoft Outlook Plug-in

If you are unable to successfully initiate and complete Microsoft Outlook Sync using the Plug-in, make sure you have downloaded the right version of the Plug-in from Zoho Calendar. Microsoft Outlook Sync Plug-ins are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook. Download the appropriate Plug-in to complete the sync successfully.

Multiple error messages while Installation using Plug-in

During Microsoft Outlook Sync using the Plug-in, you might face multiple error messages. In such a case, uninstall and reinstall the appropriate version of the Plug-in and start syncing. 

Delay in syncing Microsoft Outlook calendar with Zoho Calendar

You might observe a good amount of delay when you are trying to sync your Microsoft Outlook calendar with Zoho Calendar. This usually happens when you are syncing the calendars for the first time due to large amount of data transfer. Once the sync is completed for the first time, you won't notice heavy delays during further synchronizations. 


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