Brands and Portals (Overview)

Brands and Portals (Overview)

When you sign up on Zoho Social, we will auto-generate a Portal name for you. Your Portal houses all your Brands. You can find your Portal Settings under Setup and change the name whenever you want! 

A Brand is a way to segregate and manage the social media presence for different entities. For example, if you're a digital agency that manages the social media presence for different businesses, each of these can be set up as a separate Brand on Zoho Social. Different business units within the same company can also be set up as separate Brands.

On Zoho Social, you can add and manage one each of the following channels under a Brand: Twitter Profile, Instagram Profile, Facebook Page, LinkedIn compage Page, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ Page and Google+ Profile. You can set up multiple such Brands under your Portal.

For example, Zylker Travels, a travel agency, could have a Portal called "ZylkerCo" and the following brands - 

  • Zylker Travels
  • Zylker Hotels 

Each brand is connected to their respective social media accounts or pages and has a distinct social presence. All these can be managed as Brands under a single Portal on Zoho Social. 

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