CRM Help

Getting Started - Common Operations


Import records in your CRM account from external sources, if you already have the data. You can either import records assigned to you or import records that are assigned to other users by using the Import My Organization Records option.


Export data in CSV format from individual CRM modules in your CRM account. You can either manually export the records or request a data backup.

Navigate Records

Make use of the page-level and the record-level navigation to easily move to the required record. Page-level navigation allows moving from a particular page to the previous or next consecutive page. Record-level navigation allows moving from one record to the previous or next consecutive record(s).

Search Records

Save time by using the search feature to locate specific information or specific records without having to go through the entire list of records. There are three search options: Search records Alphabetically, by Information or by Criteria.

Mass Actions

Perform mass operations such as the mass update, mass transfer, mass delete, mass email etc. for easy and quick management of records.