CRM Help

Getting Started

Here, you will be introduced to a number of useful functions and concepts that will help you start working with your CRM account. It will provide you with information required to complete the most essential tasks needed to get started and get the most of your Zoho CRM experience.

Account Setup

Start setting up your Zoho CRM account by adding your company details and personal information. Then you can create roles and profiles according to your organization's requirements and add users. Learn More

Product Customization

Next, customize your account based on your industry standards and business requirements. You can begin by customizing fields, page layouts, themes, tabs and list views. Learn More

Common Operations

Take a quick glance at some of the common operations such as importing, exporting, navigating and searching records in Zoho CRM. Learn More

Getting enterprise-ready

If you are managing a large enterprise, here are some features that you could get started with in order to meet your business requirements. Learn More


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