Introduction to Zoho CRM

Introduction to Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a unified platform that helps you juggle multiple business activities efficiently. It's designed to help you sell, market, analyze, manage better and collaborate with customers and employees. You can gather powerful insights from customer interactions through various communication channels like email, phone, social media, and more. Extend a personalized environment to your customers or partners by customizing the user interface to suit their business's unique requirements.

Get rid of conventional tools like spreadsheets and other single-purpose applications and manage your business processes like a pro with easy-to-use features. Create, update, and store your customer details securely to foster a lasting engagement. Experience an increase in overall business's productivity with advanced features like Zia, Workflow rules, Blueprint, Functions, and more.

Know the CRM Basics

Before you begin setting up your account, know a few important things about Zoho CRM editions, system requirements, number of languages supported by the CRM and the file storage space provided in your account. Learn More

Understand Zoho CRM

Once your account is set up, go around and explore your options, navigate the interface throughly to make best use of the CRM. Get a hang of the CRM terminologies that you will start using more often. Learn More 

Begin Your Admin Journey

As an administrator you will have truck load of settings to do to tweak Zoho CRM per your industry needs and to make it more user friendly. Begin with adding your company details and personal information, securing your account, adding users, creating roles and profiles. Customize your account based on your business requirements and learn ways to manage your data. Learn More 

Zoho CRM Mobile App

Get an insight on the Zoho CRM mobile application and the supported devices. Learn More

Getting enterprise-ready 

If you are managing a large enterprise, here are some features that you could get started with in order to meet your business requirements. Learn More 

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