More eBooks

Read through more ebooks and get deeper insights on successfully using Zoho CRM.

A Handbook of Zoho CRM Terms and Concepts

A detailed reference guide with a compilation of all key CRM concepts, common definitions, and terminologies.

Canvas for Zoho CRM:
A Comparison Guide

Redesign CRM interface across List view, Record Detail, and Portals using Canvas. This comparison guide will help to understand the difference and give ideas to create effective designs.

Canvas White Paper

Canvas is the industry's first CRM design studio, a monumental feat with a cause. This white paper explores the conception of the idea, what it means for businesses, and how Canvas accomplishes what it's poised to - improving adoption and productivity.

Customer Segmentation based on purchase patterns

The recency, frequency, and monetary values together is a powerful segmentation tool to gather customer’s lifetime value. This ebook helps you implement the RFM model in business to identify your best customers.

FAQs on implementing
the NPS Survey

Net Promoter Score is a leading indicator for understanding where a brand stands. Explore this guide to know what Net Promoter Score is, its benefits, the implementation process, the pros and cons, and more.

8 TIPS for successful
CRM implementation

Get these eight useful tips to help you use your CRM in the best way possible to improve your productivity and drive a much higher return on your investment.

What's an SMB?
It's not what you've been told.

SMBs aren’t small at all, they’re smart and modern businesses. In this ebook understand why they need a CRM and how it can benefit them for years to come.

Embracing the Privacy Era:

Customer data is always important. This ebook explores GDPR and how the right CRM software can ensure that all your business processes remain consistent with all the rules of GDPR.

Automate your sales
processes with Zoho CRM

A large chunk of a sales rep’s day goes into mundane tasks. Engage them in productive activities and improve your business' with our easy-to-use automation tools.

Maintaining a clean CRM Database

Learn some effective ways to maintain a clean, organized, and valid data set in your CRM account and find out some proactive ways to get rid of duplicate records.

Email + Zoho CRM for your business

Explore the various options for bringing together your email communication and customer data in one place. Learn the benefits of contextual information.

Ready to sell on the go?

Concentrate on what matters the most with the mobile edition of Zoho CRM, a more specialized platform for higher productivity.

Getting your sales reps to love CRM

Sales reps aren't always fond of using CRM software. Find out how to design your CRM system so that your sales reps love it and use it.

Become a smarter sales rep
with Zoho CRM

Familiarize yourself with Zoho CRM’s features and become the sales rep who's always one step ahead of the rest.

Getting started workbook
for admins

Learn about administrative tasks ranging from "configurations" to "customizations" and find out how to get started with Zoho CRM.

Gain insight into sales with
3 types of reports

Identify the three main kinds of reports that provide value to your business, and help you analyze what works when closing deals.

9 nifty tips to optimize Web Forms

Get some great tips on setting up good web forms as well as some ideas on how to implement them using Zoho CRM.

Decision guide for
Territory Management

Does your business have multiple office divisions or departments? Find out if Territory Management can help you in assigning customer accounts to the right sales teams.