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Zoho Creator provides multi-language support to collaboratively work online across organizational, geographical, and language barriers. Organizations can now add the preferred language in which they want users to access their application and create custom translations for each component within the application like Form, Reports and Pages. They can choose to provide access to the application in the user's preferred language or browser local language or the login users language, This feature greatly helps organizations to reach and engage a large of number of users worldwide who speak different languages – especially non-English speakers.  


  • This feature is available only for new accounts created after April 2014. We are currently working on migrating the old accounts to support this feature. Please contact for any clarifications.

Adding a language

To add a new language,

  1. Click on Settings - Translation to access the translaton page. 
  2. Click on Languages link and select Add Language button to add a new language. The new language will be listed under Supported Languages table, with status as active and auto-translate enabled. 
  3. You can also create your own translations by selecting the Translate link in the Translations page. Read more..
  4. Specify the language in which users wil access the application.  Read more..

Creating translations for the new language 

  1. Click on Translation -> Translate 
  2. Select the language to be translated from the Language list box. 
  3. Select the component to be translated from the Component list box. For example, selecting the component "Forms" from the list, will display all the forms in the application, in the Create Translation table displayed below.
  4. In the Create Translations table, specify the translation equivalent of the parent word. 
  5. Click on Update to update the changes. 

Configuring the language in which users will access the application

Zoho Creator provides the following options to specify the language in which users will access your application.  Click on Translation and select the required option from the Access this application in drop-down. The screenshot below shows the Translation page displaying the 3 standard options "Browser Locale Language", "Login User's language" and "User's Choice" along with a few pre-configured languages.

Browser locale language - Selecting this option will enable users to access Zoho Creator in the language configured in their browser language settings.

Login users language - Selecting this option will enable logged in users to access Zoho Creator in the language specified in their account settings page

User's ChoiceSelecting this option will enable users to access Zoho Creator in their preferred language, which they can select from the list of configured languages.

Screen shot of a Zoho Creator form with the option "User's Choice" selected

Screen shot of a Zoho Creator form with the French language selected

Supported Languages

Zoho Creator provides translations for the following languages listed in this table. If your language is not supported, you can request translation support by sending an email to support [at] zohocreator [dot] com.

Albanian Latin
Arabic Latvian
Azerbaijani Lithuanian
Basque Macedonian
Belarusian Malay
Bengali Maltese
Bulgarian Marathi
Catalan Norwegian
Chinese Persian
Chinese_Traditional Polish
Croatian Portuguese
Czech Romanian
Danish Russian
Dutch Slovak
English Slovenian
Esperanto Spanish
Estonian Swahili
Filipino Swedish
Finnish Tamil
French Telugu
Galician Thai
Georgian Turkish
German Urdu
Gujarati Vietnamese
Greek Welsh
Hebrew Yiddish