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App language identification

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This task returns the language in which the application is accessed. For example, if English is the language configured for an application, the returned value is "English".


  • This task is only applicable to Zoho Creator.
  • The same app may be used by different users in different languages. This means the return value of this task may vary in different accounts depending on the language in which the app is accessed.
  • This task can be executed in all workflow events.


<variable> = thisapp.localization.language();
ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>TEXTVariable that will hold the returned value


Let's say we have an application with language set to "User's browser language" in language settings. The app owner's browser language is English, and the shared user's browser language is French. The following snippet assigns the value "English" to 'language' field when executed in the app owner's account. When executed in the shared user's account, it assigns the value "French".

language = thisapp.localization.language();

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