Syncing Other Calendars

Syncing other calendars

Zoho Calendar serves you with a solution to integrate calendars from other platforms and manage it on one calendar interface. This provides a unified space to access calendars from Google Calendar and other Zoho apps, edit and manage events on these calendars right from Zoho Calendar. Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Task calendars can be synced with your Zoho Calendar. Apart from these Zoho apps, you can also sync your Google Calendar and manage the events on Zoho Calendar. Although you cannot sync calendars from Zoho Projects and Zoho Contacts, you can subscribe to these calendars and view them on your Zoho Calendar. All these calendars will be available on Zoho Calendar under "App Calendars".

Sync with Zoho CRM Calendar:

The CRM application in Zoho comes with an in-built calendar where you can create and manage events. This calendar is restricted to Zoho CRM but if you want to access this calendar along with Zoho Calendar, the "Sync" feature on Zoho Calendar helps you do it. Once you have synced the Zoho CRM calendar with Zoho Calendar, it will appear under "App Calendars" in Zoho Calendar and you can manage your events suitably.  

Sync with Zoho Recruit Calendar:

If you have been using Zoho Recruit in your organization, you can manage your Zoho Recruit calendar on Zoho Calendar itself. This saves you the trouble of having to shift between various Zoho Apps that support an in-built calendar. Using Zoho Calendar's "Sync" feature, the Zoho Recruit calendar can be synced and managed on Zoho Calendar itself. 

Sync with Zoho Tasks Calendar:

In Zoho Mail Suite, you can create an assign tasks to your colleagues. You can set the due date for the tasks and customize reminder notifications for the same. When you synchronize Zoho Tasks with Zoho Calendar, all your tasks are added to the calendar and can be managed time to time depending on your progress. 

Sync with Google Calendar:

You can sync your Google Calendar with Zoho Calendar and add/edit/delete events anytime. Whenever you make changes to your Google Calendar events from Zoho Calendar, it will also be updated on your Google Calendar. This helps you in efficiently managing your schedule and keeps a better track of your events. 

Subscribe to Zoho Projects and Zoho Contacts Calendar:

If you want to view your Zoho Projects and Zoho Contacts calendar (Birthday calendar) on Zoho Calendar, you can use the "Subscribe" option. When you subscribe to these calendars, all the events will be added to your Zoho Calendar schedule. The events on these calendars can't be edited on Zoho Calendar. In case you want to make any changes to these calendars, you need to login to the specific application calendar and make the necessary changes.

To subscribe to Zoho Projects and Zoho Contacts calendar:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Zoho Apps.

3. Click Zoho Projects and hit Subscribe.

4. Click Zoho Contacts and hit Subscribe.

5. The calendars will now be added to your Zoho Calendar.


If you want to stay up to date on the events added to the subscribed Zoho Projects or Zoho Contacts calendar, click on the "Update" button next to the Calendar. Even otherwise, the calendar will be auto-updated for every 12 hours. 

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