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Online form builder can be used to build a wide range of free online forms for data collection, analysis and reporting. Zoho Creator is the easiest online form builder. For all your free online forms, web forms and templates, you can use this online form builder service. Build unlimited free online forms.

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What are online forms for?

Online forms are used to collect data. Free Online forms need to be distributed to a large audience for them to enter data. This becomes very easy when the forms are available online. Here is where a online form builder as Zoho Creator comes into play. Not only can you create free online forms and collect data, but also analyze, generate reports and embed the free online forms and views on websites and blogs

Online Form Builder - Benefits

  • Online:Free online forms reside on our servers. It is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. Experience hassle free access to your free online forms and data with no load on your local resources. We'll handle the load for you.
  • Easy-to-use: Online form builder is pretty much similar to regular software in functionality, but without the complexity. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the Online Form Builder allows you to create a wide range of free online forms, easily.
  • Safe and Secure:With free online forms, you can never lose data unless you want to. All your data is backed up securely everyday in multiple servers located in multiple locations.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access:Online Form Builder Software lets you access your online forms and data from anywhere across the globe, at any convenient time. All you need is internet connectivity, and you are good to go.
  • Fast and Reliable:Online forms are hosted on reliable servers.They are fast in responding to your queries and are consistent too, making the online space the ideal place for your business data and online forms.
  • Collaboration made easy:Share your online forms and views easily with a selective group of members or publicize it for everyone to access. In alternation to distribution of forms to individuals, you can now embed online forms on websites and blogs for your viewers to access.

Zoho Creator - Free Online Form Builder and Survey Forms Maker

Zoho Creator is an online form builder has been the trusted by more than 400,000 users, and that definitely includes a handful of world's famous brands too. If not the 100,000+ successfully deployed online forms under our belt, what else would convince you? Here is a gist of what Zoho Creator has to offer.

  • Zero Infrastructure: By "Zero Infrastructure", we mean it. Certainly no large software to be installed; no special hardware requirements; no periodic and painful upgradation; no maintenance outages; no nothing. Only hassle free data collection and management. Create your online forms and put them into production right away. All the security measures, up-time, backups and upgrades are battles we are used to fighting well. You can stay focused on what your business direly needs.


World respected brands use Zoho Creator for their data collection needs

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Why you'll love Zoho Creator

Online Form Builder – the simplest

Online Forms

Here is an online form builder that makes building forms as simple as child's play. The USP of Zoho Creator is it easy to use interface– not just for the geeks but for everyone out there. How else do you think 80% of our customers have built custom applications on their own?

Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Free Online Forms

Zoho Creator offers a wide range of sorting/filtering capabilities for analyzing the collected data. You can display the data collected in different types of Views. You can also create meaningful reports and pivot tables to analyze your data and gain insights into your business.

Alerts and Notifications

Online Form Builder

Use the easy-to-configure Email notification to get notified by email, whenever a new record is added in the form. You can also send a confirmation email to the person who has just added the record. You can also generate periodic reports of the data that has been submitted using the Scheduler.

Unlimited Online Forms, Forever Free

Form Maker

There are no hidden costs. No catch either. Just sign up and create as many forms as you like. Also go on and add as many fields to them as you would ever need. They stay free forever. Share and collaborate as always.

Secure Infrastructure

Website Forms

Safeguard your confidential data from prying eyes and pranksters. All your application data is stored securely on our servers. We take security very seriously and no compromise is made. As for the physical security, we have state-of-the-art gadgets in place. Access to user information is highly selective and restricted.

Go Mobile

All you need to access your Zoho Creator form is a browser. Do that from any device – smart phones, iPods and more. Simply land on our mobile site and get going. This is the kind of freedom that truly sets you free

What our users say

"I used an off the shelf program FileMaker for data collection, Now I boot up and head to Zoho Creator"

Tim Lauer, Principal. Lewis School

"It was a breeze to create online form, the reliability has been tremendous"

Tim Lauer, Principal. Lewis Elementary School

"It was a godsend for the applications I needed for my website, saving me thousands of dollars"

Cassie Leik, Co-Founder of Cora Boutique.

"I have used Zoho Creator for everything, including an online camp registration form for 250 families"

Mike Roman, Gorman Heritage Farm